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  • garlic bread homemade

    Garlic bread

    Garlic bread is so easy to make and for this garlic bread recipe all you need is a French baguette, garlic, butter and parsley and it’s ready to be enjoyed! This traditional garlic bread recipe is so easy to make and the perfect side dish if you're whipping up classic Italian foods like spaghetti Bolognese or pizza. Garlic bread is always popular to serve with barbecued or grilled meats as well as pasta dishes and takes minutes to make. We’ve used French bread in this recipe but you can also use ciabatta bread or even crusty rolls. Any leftover garlic butter can be dotted on cooked vegetables such as carrots and green beans or served on steak just before serving. This recipe serves 6 people and will take only 20 mins to prepare and cook. It's a speedy side dish everyone will love. The only thing better than garlic bread, is homemade garlic bread! And with this easy garlic bread recipe it doesn’t have to be a hassle

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  • Paul Hollywood's focaccia

    Paul Hollywood's focaccia

    Focaccia is one of our favourite kinds of bread and you can learn how to make Paul Hollywood's focaccia with this simple recipe. Paul Hollywood knows bread and we think this recipe is pretty spot on. Try the Great British Bake Off judge's classic recipe for focaccia. The oregano and sea salt topping makes this loaf extra tasty, gives it added crunch and means it is really moreish. It is the perfect loaf for eating with family and friends for a big sharing lunch or dinner. Torn up and dunked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, this bread will make you feel like you are on your holidays! This easy recipe makes 2 loaves. This recipe is taken from Paul Hollywood's How to Bake book.

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  • all day brunch wreath

    All day brunch wreath

    This all day brunch wreath is a flavour-packed sharing bread that can be made ahead and frozen. It contains all your favourite brunch essentials, like sausages, bacon, and black pudding, shaped into a festive wreath. It's a great way to use up any leftover sausages or rashers of bacon too. Despite is festive shape, you could still make this all day brunch wreath at any time of the year.

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  • bread sauce

    Bread sauce

    Bread sauce is a staple when it comes to Christmas lunch, and making it is so easy thanks to our easy bread sauce recipe. This bread sauce is really quick to make, so you only need 5 mins to prep it and can have it ready in 35 minutes in total. The best part about this bread sauce is that it can be made in advance of Christmas Day. This bread sauce recipe is the perfect excuse to not buy ready-made bread sauce - it's quick and easy to make your own at home and it tastes so much better. This simple homemade bread sauce recipe will show how to make bread sauce in just four easy steps, so you don't have to spend much time in the kitchen. Our classic bread sauce is perfect drizzled over your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner, as delicious and indulgent to pour over a tasty roast. This thick, creamy bread sauce combines breadcrumbs, butter, cream and milk together to make one delightful side. The onion, cloves and bay leaf combo adds a delicious aroma to the sauce. This bread sauce recipe serves 6 to 8 people so it's enough to serve for your family if you're having everyone round to your home this Christmas. So why not try our simple bread sauce recipe for your Christmas lunch? Everyone will love it and we bet it'll be the talk of Christmas dinner!

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  • Mini corn bread loaves

    Mini corn bread loaves

    Mini bread loaves are the perfect bake to give to family and friends at the start of a meal. We like these served straight from the oven with extra butter for a really indulgent treat. The corn flavour makes these mini loaves quite sweet, which means they're delicious as a side to savoury dishes like beef chilli, making the perfect dunking bread to offset any saltiness. These American corn loaves made with polenta are quick to make and freeze-able too, so you could always make a bulk batch to enjoy another time. Enjoy them warm or cold.

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  • How to make bread

    How to make bread

    Learn how to make bread with our simple step-by-step recipe. Nothing's better than the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through your home

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  • Cornbread recipe


    Cornbread is simple to make and very tasty. More like a savoury cake, than bread, it is a classic North American favourite and this cornbread recipe is particularly good! Made with golden cornmeal, this recipe is more like savoury cake than bread. It's a classic North American favourite and is often cooked in a cast-iron skillet and served with bowls of hot chilli or glazed barbecue ribs. Cornmeal is a fine grain made by grinding dried corn and is also called maize or polenta (this is Italian cornmeal). You can flavour the basic cornbread with chopped chilli pepper, spring onions, herbs or deseeded and finely chopped red or green pepper. For a cheese cornbread, stir in 75g finely grated mature Cheddar cheese.

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  • Baked Camembert

    Baked Camembert

    Baked Camembert is a dip with a difference. Make this baked camembert recipe in 15 minutes and you'll have lovely oozing Camembert that's perfect served with warm, crusty bread. If you're having friends round for a drinks party, this camembert baked is the sort of party food snack that everyone will enjoy. Let people come back to this baked camembert over and over for a dip that goes really well with a glass of wine in hand. If you want to take your baked Camembert to another level, cut a cross in the middle before you stick it in the oven - stick a bruised garlic clove in there and a splash of white wine and a sprig of rosemary and then bake it. You'll be left with a baked Camembert that's perfectly melted and is exploding with flavour. Or, you can just keep things simple and simply scatter with chives as the recipe suggests. Either way, this baked camembert recipe is a really good recipe for sharing - you can even serve it up at a dinner party for your friends to just get stuck in!

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  • Gingerbread cake

    Gingerbread cake is a classic bake, made with rich, warm spices, golden syrup and black treacle for a rich loaf cake that tastes like Christmas. The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cake is hard to resist but if you can avoid the temptation of cutting a slice while warm from the oven, gingerbread is best cooled and wrapped and kept for a day or two before eating. It will slice much better and have a lovely sticky texture. Cinnamon, ginger, golden syrup and black treacle all help to give this easy gingerbread cake recipe its delicious flavour. This recipe makes two small loaves, so why not keep one in the freezer for another day? If you freeze it wrapped in individual slices, it’s perfect for lunchboxes and will defrost much quicker than a whole loaf.

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  • pudding

    How to make bread and butter pudding

    Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to make this favourite classic bread and butter pudding with mixed spice and dried fruit soaked in a double cream custard...

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  • Eggy Bread with Cheese and Ham

    Eggy bread with ham and cheese

    Eggy bread is the perfect lunchtime treat. Our version is a cross between a cheese and ham sandwich and french toast and it's guaranteed to cheer you up whatever your mood, or whatever the weather is doing! You could of course just cook you slices of bread without the filling, to create a regular egg bread recipe, but we think this combo is a real winner. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser amongst young and old, these delicious fried sandwiches are oozing with cheese and packed with ham for a really satisfying meal. If you fancy adding some extras then we think the more the merrier when it comes to sandwich fillers. Gherkins, tomatoes or thinly sliced onions would all be a delicious little extra squished between the eggy bread outers. And because this recipe for eggy bread takes just 12 minutes and uses ingredients you probably have in your fridge regularly it's a great one to keep in mind for days when you're short on time.

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  • cottage loaf recipe

    Cottage loaf recipe

    This tasty, round, cottage loaf is a fun bake to perfect at home thanks to its interesting shape - the perfect bread recipe for the ambitious beginner baker! A traditional cottage loaf is a made up of two circular layers of deliciously enriched white bread to give it its distinct shape. Our recipe, using a good helping of yeast, has a beautiful crumb and springy texture. We've tried and tested our recipe to make one cottage loaf, but you could easily double or triple the mixture to make a few loaves at once. Bread freezes really well and makes a fantastic thing to pull out at the last minute to impress friends and family with. You could even slice it up before freezing so each piece is ready to defrost more quickly, or is ready to pop straight in the toaster. Once you've mastered this cottage loaf you can choose what to put on it, the fun part! We like it still warm from the oven with a good layer of butter to melt into the top, delicious.

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