Bun recipes

  • tea cakes recipe

    Tea cakes

    Tea cakes are a classic British bake that go wonderfully with a cup of tea in the afternoon…

  • How to make hot cross buns

    Ultimate hot cross buns

    Learn how to make classic hot cross buns at home with our simple recipe. They're easy to…

  • Pisctahio cinnamon buns

    Pistachio cinnamon buns

    Theres nothing nicer than eating fresh hot buns straight from the oven and these are so…

  • Cornish saffron buns

    Cornish saffron buns

    These incredibly more-ish traditional saffron buns from Cornwall are delicious served hot…

  • Chelsea buns

    Chelsea buns

    Perfect with a cuppa, these currant-filled Chelsea buns make a lovely tea-time treat.…

  • Woman's Weekly Simple cinnamon whirls

    Simple cinnamon whirls

    Yeasty buns made easy by using a pizza-base mix, with a filling of butter, sugar and…

  • Chocolate Chelsea buns

    Chocolate Chelsea buns

    If you like chocolate, you'll love these delicious, squidgy buns they're filled with…

  • Lightly sweetened blueberry buns

    Blueberry buns

    A delicious light and fruity blueberry bun that makes a great weekend breakfast - or bake a…

  • Teatime buns

    Brazilian teatime buns

    These teatime buns (known as sonhos) are great with a cuppa. This recipe is from Brazilian…

  • Prune buns_Weight Watchers

    Weight Watchers prune buns

    These sweet and sticky prune buns from Weight Watchers are delicious served warm, and are a…

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