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  • Creme Egg cheesecake

    Creme Egg cheesecake

    Our Creme Egg cheesecake recipe is an easy no-bake cheesecake made simply with Philadelphia cream cheese and double cream, with a striking yellow layer and Creme Egg topping that will make the perfect Easter dessert. This Creme Egg cheesecake recipe serves 12 people and will take approximately 30 mins to make plus chilling time. This easy cheesecake is the perfect dessert to share with friends and family at Easter time - it would make a great centre piece for your Easter dessert. If you want to give this Creme Egg cheesecake a twist, decorate with Mini Eggs too. Pop any leftover cheesecake on a plate and cover in cling film. Store in the fridge for up to 2 days. This Creme Egg cheesecake is best made and eaten on the same day for the best flavour.

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  • Malteser cheesecake

    Lorraine Pascale's easy Maltesers cheesecake

    This easy cheesecake recipe is really simple to make and features everyone's favourite chocolate treat - Maltesers! So what's not to love? This easy cheesecake recipe is a wickedly crunchy vanilla cheesecake which uses crushed Maltesers in the base as well as in the creamy filling. This simple cheesecake recipe perfect for parties, because of its fun twist and mouthwatering flavour - everyone will go nuts for this chocolatey treat! You can also serve this no bake cheesecake for pudding after a nice meal, as it will serve 6-8 people. Lorraine Pascale's Maltesers cheesecake may take a little time to make and chill but this dessert is well worth the wait. Store this cheesecake in the fridge and eat within 2 days. This cheesecake is best made, served and eaten on the same day, but you probably won't have any leftovers anyway! Decorate this cheesecake with plenty of Maltesers and serve with a dash of cream or more Maltesers - the choice is yours!

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  • Baileys no-bake cheesecake

    Baileys cheesecake is an all time favourite and this no-bake recipe makes a seriously impressive dessert when you’re entertaining friends and family! And as well as being delicious, this Baileys cheesecake recipe is particularly easy to make. Our Baileys cheesecake is so simple to make that all you have to do is combine very few ingredients, including double cream and Baileys for the topping and digestive biscuits and butter for the base. Because this Baileys cheesecake recipe is no bake, there’s no need to pop it in the oven - all you have to do is put it in the fridge and wait a few hours or overnight for it to set. If you love Baileys, this Baileys no-bake cheesecake is especially great for the holidays, as it's another way to enjoy the festive tipple. But if you're just a fan of a deliciously sweet pud, this Baileys cheesecake can also be enjoyed throughout the rest of the year as a refreshing dessert - especially as a post Sunday-roast treat! Sprinkled with grated chocolate or cocoa powder and topped with cream, this Baileys cheesecake makes a delicious dessert than everyone will love - and be asking you for the recipe!

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  • Nutella cheesecake

    Nutella cheesecake

    Nutella cheesecake is a rich, gooey cheesecake recipe with a sweet, chocolate and hazelnut filling that you'll want to make time and time again. It's easier to make than you may think and is TOTALLY worth the wait. Perfect for dessert this delicious cheesecake serves 8-10 people and should take 1hr and 45 mins to make. The base of this cheesecake is made from crumbled petit beurres and the Nutella is creamed together with cream cheese and plain chocolate to make the sweet centre. For decoration, dust with icing sugar to finish or drizzle in mouth-watering melted chocolate for a decadently wicked dessert. Can't finish it all in one sitting? No problem! Store your Nutella cheesecake in the fridge and it should last up to 2 days.

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  • red velvet cheesecake

    Red Velvet Cheesecake Cups for Halloween

    Red velvet cheesecake cups are a bite size version of a classic. Whether these red velvet cheesecake cups are served with a cup of tea in the afternoon or a dinner party dessert they are always a crowd pleaser and we've given ours a bit of a spooky twist. If you don't want to make these for Halloween then just leave off the cream and blueberries which make the cheesecakes look like they have eyes!

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  • Pumpkin cheesecake

    Pumpkin cheesecake

    Pumpkin cheesecake doesn’t just have to be a Halloween or Thanksgiving pud! This tasty pumpkin cheesecake can be enjoyed all year round and is bursting with flavour. The base is made with crushed ginger biscuits that gives each bite a tangy, burst of ginger that works wonders with the soft, pumpkin infused filling. With a hint of vanilla extract in the filling too, you’re going to love this easy pumpkin cheesecake. And, if you’re enjoying this pumpkin cheesecake seasonally, you can reap all of the benefits of this autumnal vegetable, wrapped up is a sweet dessert treat! Pumpkins have been proven to support our skin thanks to the beta-carotene it contains that converts to vitamin A in our bodies and soothe our stress levels as they’re a source of magnesim. Pumpkins also contain a decent amount of vitamin C, which is great for helping to boost your immune system during cold winter months.While a warming winter soup might be best if you’re trying to be healthy, it’s good to know that if you are indulging in a slice of delicious pumpkin cheesecake, there are some benefits to your delicious dessert – other than how good it tastes of course! This recipe will take around 20 mins to prepare plus chilling time. We think our pumpkin cheesecake is best made in advance so it has plenty of time to set - so it's perfect for a party. Simply make the pumpkin cheesecake the day before, leave to set overnight, and then pop in the oven when you’re ready to warm it up and serve the next day. An autumnal crowd pleaser, decorate your cheesecake with plenty of whipped cream or a wonderful scoop of real dairy vanilla bean ice-cream that will make the perfect contrast to your warming winter pud, straight out of the oven.

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  • dairy free cheesecake

    Dairy free cheesecake with elderflower

    Our dairy free cheesecake with elderflower is light yet creamy dessert that also is free from dairy. We've used coconut yoghurt and dairy free cream cheese to recreate the rich and creamy texture of a regular cheesecake, without the dairy. Dairy free cheesecake is perfect for those with food intolerances, but tastes so good that everyone will love it! The flavour of elderflower beautifully adds a sweet floral note which gives it a twist on a classic baked cheesecake.

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  • cheesecakes

    Tangy orange cheesecakes

    These individual tangy orange cheesecakes are the perfect dinner party dessert. This no bake recipe means that after a quick bit of prep all you need to do is leave your cheesecakes in the fridge to chill before serving after dinner. The sharpness of citrus cuts through the richness of the cheesecakes, and our recipe for tangy orange cheesecakes includes a splash of Cointreau for a boozy twist on this post-dinner treat. These mini orange cheesecakes are easy to make and the results are irresistibly rich and creamy. Try this recipe for a guaranteed successful ending to your next dinner party.

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  • Baked blueberry cheesecake

    Baked blueberry cheesecake

    A thick and creamy baked blueberry cheesecake with fresh blueberries cooked through and a sweet compote is one of our favourite puds. The striking colour of the blueberries makes this dessert a real showstopper, and the tang of the berries cuts through the richness of the cheesecake. Although blueberries are best when they are in season, you can make this baked blueberry cheesecake at any time of the year by using frozen blueberries. Whether it be a dinner party, a Sunday dessert, or an afternoon treat, this creamy baked blueberry cheesecake will bring a smile to your friends and family's faces for sure.

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  • No-bake Snickers cheesecake

    No-bake Snickers cheesecake

    This no-bake Snickers cheesecake is sure to be a big hit with friends and family. It's much easier to make than it looks, layered with crushed peanut cookies, a cream cheese filling bejewelled with more nuts, and a messy but delicious topping of melted chocolate, caramel and plenty of Snickers (of course!). This delicious no-bake cheesecake is perfect for special occasions serving 8-10 people. It'll take you around 30 mins to prepare this cheesecake and then you'll need to give it plenty of time to set in the fridge before decorating. It's great recipe for making in advance too.

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  • Blueberry cheesecake recipe

    Hairy Bikers' blueberry cheesecake

    Who wouldn't love a slice of delicious blueberry cheesecake? We can't think of anyone. The Hairy Bikers are known for their big, bold flavours and their blueberry cheesecake recipe doesn't disappoint there. Hvaing done our bit for human kind, we've tried and tested this recipe many times and can say with confidence that it's one of the best homemade blueberry cheesecakes we've ever tasted. The base is made from rich butter and satisfyingly sweet digestive biscuits for a flavour and texture combination that is a real winner. Sure to be a crow-pleaser we think this blueberry cheesecake is a great one to whip up for dinner parties or special occasions, when you really want to impress!

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  • Mary Berry's lemon and lime cheesecake

    Mary Berry's lemon and lime cheesecake

    Mary Berry's lemon and lime cheesecake is one of the simplest cheesecake recipes to make. You must use full-fat condensed milk and cream cheese for the recipe to work, as the filling won’t set if you use low-fat substitutes. This lime and lemon cheesecake is perfect for sharing with friends and family. The citrus flavour to the lemon and lime work wonders together along with the rich creamy texture of the cheesecake and crunch of the biscuits. This lemon and lime cheesecake recipe serves 4-6 people and will take only 30 mins to prepare and make plus setting time. It's a really easy cheesecake that's just bursting with flavour! Serve Mary Berry's cheesecake with a drizzle of cream for a delicious end to dinner!

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