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    • potato and chicken drumstick roast

      Chicken drumstick roast

      This delicious roast chicken recipe is made with flavourful chicken drumsticks and is so easy you could make it midweek. Just one pan and 10 mins prep is all you need!

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    • Chicken-Couscous-Salad

      Chicken, tomato and peach couscous salad

      You might think the peach is a weird addition to this couscous salad but it brings a wonderfully fruity flavour. Filling and under 300 cals, this salad is a healthy lunch option

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    • Photo: very easy Thai chicken and coconut curry

      Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

      The perfect quick and easy dinner from The Hairy Bikers' new show, The Hairy Dieters. This delicious recipe takes a classic dish and reduces the calories to turn it into a healthy family meal

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    • Mary Berry's risotto al verde

      Mary Berry's risotto al verde

      A three-in-one recipe for an Italian risotto where you can choose its flavour depending on your mood. Add pesto, blue cheese and pine nuts, or chicken and mushroom or simply asparagus - it's up to you!

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      (6 ratings)
    • Mary Berry's stuffed chicken

      Mary Berry's stuffed chicken breasts

      Tender and tasty chicken breasts, which Mary stuffs with sautéed onions, garlic, tarragon and cream cheese and pops in the oven for less than 30 mins.

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    • Balinese chicken satay with peanut sauce

      Balinese chicken satay with peanut sauce

      You might have had chicken satay before, but trust us, it won't have tasted as good as this! This Balinese chicken satay with peanut sauce infuses the meat with lots of traditional Indonesian flavours including garlic, kaffir lime and kecap manis, a type of soy sauce. Served with a creamy peanut dip, this is a great addition to any BBQ or family dinner spread.

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    • A quick and easy pizza made with ready made piaaz base. It takes only 15 mins to bake.

      Mexican chicken pizza

      A quick and easy chicken and sun-dried tomato puree pizza. If you use ready-made pizza dough, it takes only 15 mins to bake!

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      (4 ratings)
    • Mexican fajita jacket potatoes

      Mexican fajita jacket potatoes

      Jacket potatoes don't have to take hours in the oven. With a few simple shortcuts, you can have these Mexican fajita jacket potatoes on the table in just 15 minutes! This would be a great meal to make with leftovers from Sunday roast chicken and once you've mastered the basic recipe, you can experiment by adding your favourite spices and different amounts of chilli.

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    • Chicken escalope with sweet potato crisps

      Chicken escalope with sweet potato crisps

      A classic chicken and chips dinner gets a makeover with this chicken escalope with sweet potato crisps recipe. This easy-to-prepare dinner dish is topped with a freshly chopped herb sauce called gremolata and served with healthy green veggies on the side for a balanced, flavourful meal that takes just 30 minutes to prepare.

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    • Chicken fusion salad

      Chicken fusion salad

      This chicken fusion salad is a delicious, easy recipe that's perfect for using up leftovers from your Sunday roast. With a range of crunchy veggies and sesame seeds and vibrant flavour from mint, chillis and ginger, it takes just 30 minutes to make and the only thing you'll need to cook is the rice noodles. At just 417 calories per serving, it's great as part of a healthy eating plan too.

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    • Tarragon chicken with braised green beans

      Tarragon chicken with braised green beans

      Braising green beans is a great way to help them retain their nutrients and get the most out of their fresh, hearty flavour. This tarragon chicken with braised green beans is a great example of how delicious this can be - with juicy chicken and tender vegetables, it's a healthy, filling meal that's simple enough to be a midweek dinner, but impressive enough to serve to guests.

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    • Double pesto chicken skewers

      Double pesto chicken skewers

      These double pesto chicken skewers are perfect as part of an alfresco summer dinner - they're super simple to throw together and take just 10 minutes to cook. The key to getting the meat really tender and flavourful is to leave the marinade on for as long as you can, so make these the night before you want to eat them if possible and leave them in the fridge until you're ready to eat.

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    • Garlic and thyme chicken with vegetable penne

      Slimming World's garlic and thyme chicken with vegetable penne

      Slimming World are known for coming up with quick and healthy meal ideas that the whole family can enjoy - and they've done it again with this delicious garlic and thyme chicken with vegetable penne. Ready in just 20 minutes, this speedy pasta supper is perfect as a nutritious midweek meal after work or school.

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    • Green curry chicken drumsticks

      Green curry chicken drumsticks

      Give the ultimate picnic food a Thai twist by serving up these spicy-coated chicken legs at your next barbecue or picnic, they're sure to be a hit. This healthy Slimming World recipe lets you enjoy classic finger-food, guilt-free

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      (3 ratings)
    • Vietnamese chicken congee

      Vietnamese chicken congee

      You'll be amazed at how few ingredients you need to make this delicious Vietnamese chicken congee - and even more amazed when you see how flavourful it is! Congee is a type of traditional rice porridge which is then customised with a selection of toppings - this version is topped with peanuts, poached chicken and crispy shallots, and still comes in at just 391 calories per serving.

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    • Teriyaki chicken with coleslaw

      Teriyaki chicken with coleslaw

      Give your teriyaki chicken a twist by serving it with healthy homemade coleslaw and fries. Ready in just 30 minutes, this is a great midweek meal option that the whole family can enjoy. If you're serving this to younger children, leave out or reduce the number of chillies in the coleslaw, or they might find it a bit spicy!

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    • Oriental chicken salad

      Oriental chicken salad

      This super-healthy oriental chicken salad recipe is packed with hearty protein and crunchy veggies to keep you full up. Great as a lunch-time treat or a light dinner, it's full of delicious oriental flavours including lime, chilli and sesame oil. Try taking any leftovers to work in a lunchbox for a spicy treat the next day.

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    • Chicken schnitzel with pesto

      Chicken schnitzel with chive pesto

      Chicken schnitzel is a quick and easy-to-make meal that's ready in minutes. Chive pesto makes a tasty change to basil pesto and so simple, just blend all the ingredients together with a stick blender or in a food processor.

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