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    • Fried chicken salad platter

      Fried chicken salad platter

      This fried chicken salad platter is perfect served as a sharing dish for when you have friends round, or just as good as a main meal! There's nothing quite like making homemade fried chicken and you'll find yourself making this recipe again and again. Marinating the chicken in buttermilk helps make the meat extra tender, so it's really worth the time it takes. Once that's in the fridge, the rest won't take you long and the platter will be ready in under an hour.

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    • James Martin roast chicken

      James Martin's chicken with red peppers, chorizo and chilli

      Bored of the same old roast chicken? James Martin has given the recipe a Spanish-style twist by teaming it with red peppers and spicy chorizo. The wonderfully powerful flavours are the perfect complement to the chicken - which absorbs them right into the succulent meat. If that's not enough, you can finish off the dish with a drizzle of the punchy sherry vinegar and chilli sauce. James suggests adding new potatoes to the roasting pan to turn this recipe into a one-pot wonder.

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    • Slimming World's spicy chicken, spinach and potato curry

      Slimming World's chicken and potato curry

      This delicious Slimming World's chicken and potato curry is so simple to make and guilt-free too making it the perfect Saturday night alternative to a takeaway. Curry is one the nation's favourite meals and it's not off the menu if you're counting the calories. Diet club Slimming World have taken the classic dish and made it nice and healthy - without losing out on any of the flavour. This recipe is so delicious, even those not following the diet can enjoy it. The potato in the mix means you don't need to serve it with rice and sides. This recipe serves 4 people and should take approximately 40 mins to make. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up 2 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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    • Butter chicken 'Murg Makhani'

      Butter chicken Murg Makhani

      Rich and creamy butter chicken, or Murg Makhani, is a delicious Indian recipe that's a real crowd pleaser. The perfect takeaway alternative, this family-friendly meal serves 6 people and will take around 1hr to prepare and cook. To get the best flavour, marinate the chicken hours or even the night before you'd like to cook it so it has plenty of time to absorb the flavour. Serve with rice and naan bread for dipping.

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    • How to carve a roast chicken

      Learn the best way to carve a roast chicken with no mess or waste. Our easy step-by-step method and video will make sure you get the most meat

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    • A mildly spiced chicken simmered with chickpeas. This is very tasty for the whole family. Although it takes a bit of effort in cooking, it is worth the work.

      Mellow-spiced chicken and chickpeas

      Warming dinners don't come much tastier than this! A subtle combination of warming spices, this chicken casserole is one to try

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    • Chicken taco bowl

      Chicken taco bowls

      Chicken taco bowls are quick and easy to make with leftover chicken, coriander, fresh lime and spicy sauce. They are ready in 10 mins and (you'll be pleased to know) just 288 calories per serving. The 'bowl' is made from the tortilla itself, which is shaped over the base of a small bowl or jug when warm to create a bowl that you can fill up. You can mix and match whatever you have in the fridge, as this is a fun way to make leftovers more interesting.

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    • Cornflake chicken dippers

      The kids are going to love making and eating these delicious cornflake chicken dippers. Each goujon is coated with a crunchy cornflake coating, which works wonders with the tender chicken. Delicious dunked in homemade cheese and chive dip.

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    • Slimming World's spiced chicken and courgette couscous

      Slimming World's spiced chicken and courgette couscous

      This mouth-watering Slimming World's spiced chicken and courgette couscous is a hearty lunch or light dinner that the whole family can enjoy. It's really easy to make and is a healthy option when you're trying to be good. This recipe serves 4 people and should take 40 mins to make. It’s the warming spices that make this satisfying supper so memorable.

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    • Chicken casserole

      Chicken casserole

      This hearty family-sized chicken casserole is perfect for making in the winter months. It’s a real winter warmer packed with veggies like mushrooms, onion, celery and carrot. This chicken casserole only takes 40 mins to cook and will serve up to 6 people. If you have any leftovers make sure you store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Use within 2 days and thoroughly reheat in the microwave or oven before serving again. This casserole would be perfect served with boiled or jacket potatoes. You can use all different cuts of chicken in this recipe – try chicken breast meat, thighs or drumsticks.

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    • Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

      Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

      Impress your friends and family with this quick and easy Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans made with ginger, cumin and red chillies. It's a fiery dish that can be ready on the table in just 25 mins.

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    • How to check if a chicken is cooked

      Watch how simple it is to check if your roast chicken is cooked through properly. This is the easiest way to check if the chicken is cooked through and safe to eat.

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    • BBQ chicken baguettes

      BBQ chicken baguettes

      BBQ chicken baguettes are made with mini chicken fillest smothered in BBQ sauce and piled with onion rings and salad. Oh, and cheese - and garlic butter! These loaded baguettes are so easy to make and are great for a casual dinner. Line up all the ingredients and let everyone create their own, with as much or as little of each topping as they like.

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    • Greek-style chicken and salad

      Greek-style stuffed chicken and salad

      Greek-style stuffed chicken is made with spinach and feta and a mixed veg salad for a healthy dinner that's just 313 calories and ready in 30 mins. It's full of lovely light flavours, including tingly mint and sweet shallot - if the mint is a bit strong for you, try basil instead. Make it fresh and serve straight away, drizzled with juices from the pan.

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    • Slimming World's Diet Cola chicken

      Slimming World's diet cola chicken

      Slimming World's Diet Cola chicken is simply delicious, made with tender pieces of chicken and served with plenty of fresh vegetables for lighter option. This mouth-watering meal is ready in under an hour and serves 4 people. The Diet Cola adds a sweet flavour and sticky texture along with the soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and passata. If you’ve never tasted this quirky classic loved by Slimming World members, you’re in for a treat. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!

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    • New York kale and chicken Caesar salad

      New York kale and chicken Caesar salad

      New York kale and chicken Caesar salad has some really bold flavours - and that's why we love it! The secret is in the marinade, which is well worth the wait and full of big flavours like garlic, mustard and anchovies, which bring saltiness. Cook the chicken on the BBQ for all that lovely, smokey flavour, which works so well with this punchy dressing.

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    • Chicken and chorizo filo pie

      Chicken and chorizo filo pie

      This flavoursome chicken and chorizo filo pie is really simple to make and tastes delicious. Infused with spicy chorizo and topped in crispy filo pastry, this pie is hearty, filling and full of flavour too. Ready in under 2hrs, this pie is well worth the wait. This recipes serves 6 people - any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 day. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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    • Coca Cola chicken

      Coca-cola chicken wings

      Coca-Cola chicken is a popular Chinese dish which has been made famous recently by Nigella Lawson. You need to use ordinary Coca-Cola, not diet, as it’s the sugar that helps to make the sticky glaze. We’ve used chicken wings which are inexpensive to buy and so good to nibble on in front of the TV or for party bites. They are good hot or cold and great with a little salad on the side or with a dip and some crudités. If you like, you can add a little grated fresh ginger and a few spring onions to the sauce to make it spicy too.

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