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    • Whole chicken curry

      Slow cooker whole chicken curry

      Chicken curry is a family favourite, but you can really impress everyone with this recipe that uses a whole chicken! This whole chicken curry recipe can be made in a slow cooker or in a casserole dish. It definitely packs a punch, so have naan breads and yogurt to hand to cool it down and if you prefer milder flavours. This is a really good recipe for when you've got friends coming round as it looks really impressive and yet it's really easy to make. The creamed coconut gives the curry a really smooth, silky texture and mixes really well with all the herbs and spices the chicken cooks in.

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    • Gordon Ramsay's stuffed chicken breast

      Gordon Ramsay's stuffed chicken breast

      Gordon Ramsay's stuffed chicken breast recipe is the perfect weekend treat! Filled with ricotta cheese, these sage and Parma ham-wrapped stuffed chicken breasts are just too tasty! Perfect for dinner parties and it's quick too. Gordon Ramsay's stuffed chicken breast's are so simple to make and ready in just 30 mins. This recipe serves 4 people and uses only 7 ingredients in total making it a quick and easy option for a mid-week meal or when you fancy homemade over a takeaway at the weekend. The Parma ham slices give the chicken breasts a smoky flavour and the sage and ricotta stuffing is creamy and moreish.

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    • Chicken casserole recipe

      Chicken casserole

      This hearty family-sized chicken casserole recipe is perfect for making in the winter months. Itís a real winter warmer packed with veggies like mushrooms, onion, celery and carrot. This chicken casserole only takes 40 mins to cook and will serve up to 6 people. If you have any leftovers make sure you store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Use within 2 days and thoroughly reheat in the microwave or oven before serving again. This casserole would be perfect served with boiled or jacket potatoes. You can use all different cuts of chicken in this recipe Ė try chicken breast meat, thighs or drumsticks.

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    • Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

      Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

      Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry is the perfect quick and easy dinner from The Hairy Bikers' new show, The Hairy Dieters. This delicious recipe takes a classic dish and reduces the calories to turn it into a healthy family meal. Serving 4 people, each portion of this delicious curry works out at only 283 calories per serving without rice. If you'd like to serve this curry with rice, we'd recommend jasmine rice or basmati rice. Aim to cook no more than 50g per person, so 200g in all. Press the freshly boiled rice into a 200ml metal pudding basin mould that youíve oiled lightly and lined with cling film, then turn out into the bowls before adding the hot curry. You only need 1 basin or mould as you can reuse it for all the servings

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    • Slow-cooked chicken stew

      Slow-cooked chicken stew

      This delicious slow-cooked chicken stew is a hearty meal the whole family will love. If you've got a slow cooker, cook this delicious chicken stew for up to 6 hours for a lovely rich flavour. Just as delicious in the oven, this slow-cooked chicken stew is perfect for weekday family meals. This recipe serves 4 people and is full of flavour thanks to the garlic, rosemary and white wine which infuses this dish. After cooking this stew in your slow cooker, the chicken will be extra tender and moist, falling off the bone. If you'd like to cut the cost of this meal use chicken thighs as they're one of the cheaper cuts of meat, but you still get plenty of meat on the bone. This recipes serves 4 people.

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    • Vol-au-vent selection

      Vol-au-vent selection

      These vol au vents make perfect party food. With 4 different vol au vent fillings - they'll be gone in a flash! This easy recipe uses readymade pastry. Fill these ready-made vol-au-vent cases with these four varieties of filling including mushroom, chicken, prawn and ham and pineapple for some easy but impressive party canapťs. Your friends and family are going to be impressed with this delicious range of easy to make vol au vents. To make a batch of 24 it will take around 40 mins to prepare and cook. Each vol au vent is made with a cream cheese filling which makes them cheap to rustle up too - perfect if you're doing a party spread on a budget.

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    • Fried chicken salad platter

      Fried chicken salad platter

      This fried chicken salad platter is perfect served as a sharing dish for when you have friends round, or just as good as a main meal! There's nothing quite like making homemade fried chicken and you'll find yourself making this recipe again and again. Marinating the chicken in buttermilk helps make the meat extra tender, so it's really worth the time it takes. Once that's in the fridge, the rest won't take you long and the platter will be ready in under an hour.

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    • James Martin roast chicken

      James Martin's chicken with red peppers, chorizo and chilli

      Bored of the same old roast chicken? James Martin has given the recipe a Spanish-style twist by teaming it with red peppers and spicy chorizo. The wonderfully powerful flavours are the perfect complement to the chicken - which absorbs them right into the succulent meat. If that's not enough, you can finish off the dish with a drizzle of the punchy sherry vinegar and chilli sauce. James suggests adding new potatoes to the roasting pan to turn this recipe into a one-pot wonder.

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    • Slimming World's spicy chicken, spinach and potato curry

      Slimming World's chicken and potato curry

      This delicious Slimming World's chicken and potato curry is so simple to make and guilt-free too making it the perfect Saturday night alternative to a takeaway. Curry is one the nation's favourite meals and it's not off the menu if you're counting the calories. Diet club Slimming World have taken the classic dish and made it nice and healthy - without losing out on any of the flavour. This recipe is so delicious, even those not following the diet can enjoy it. The potato in the mix means you don't need to serve it with rice and sides. This recipe serves 4 people and should take approximately 40 mins to make. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up 2 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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    • Cream of chicken soup

      Cream of chicken soup

      Cream of chicken soup is comfort food at its best and the ultimate cure for when you need warming up on a cold day, are feeling a bit under the weather or you are craving some hearty homemade food. It's so easy to make and so tasty that this dish will quickly become a family favourite. It's great to make on one of those days when you don't fancy spending hours in the kitchen, and it will leave you feeling really satisfied and happy afterwards!

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    • Chicken and chorizo pasta

      Chicken and chorizo pasta

      Chorizo isnít just for paella, itís great with pasta too! This super-quick chicken and chorizo pasta recipe is full of flavour and perfect for a speedy week-night supper. Juicy chicken pieces and spicy chorizo blend beautifully with the basil-infused tomato sauce. Choose chunky pasta shapes like penne or farfalle to trap the sauce, and serve with lashings of grated Parmesan cheese. This dish only takes 5 mins to prepare and 15 mins to cook, which makes it the ideal mid-week meal thatís quick and easy and the kids will love it too. If you're catering for more than 4 people, we'd recommend doubling the ingredients, that way you're sure to have leftovers for the lunch the next day too.

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    • Chinese wonton soup

      Chinese wonton soup makes a healthy and nutritious chunky soup that's so easy to make at home using readymade wonton wrappers. Watch our video to see how easy it is to make the wontons and how the soup comes together very quickly and easily. It's much better for you than a takeaway, but has all those lovely Chinese flavours - and it's a lot cheaper too! The whole family will love this soup that's really worth making the extra effort for.

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    • Chicken soup from stock

      Chicken soup

      This easy and delicious chicken soup recipe is a real classic. You'll want to make it over again. This recipe is great for using up leftover chicken. This recipe serves 6-8 people and takes around 3hrs to prepare and slow cook for the best flavour. A deliciously warm pick-me-up for when you're feeling under the weather, this comforting chicken soup recipe almost makes feeling ill worthwhile! The chicken in this recipe will keep you fuller for longer thanks to the protein in the chicken, add heaps of veggies counting towards your 5-a-day and you've got one healthy option for lunch time. This soup can be frozen in portions on the day it's made and can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 days in the fridge. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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    • Healthy chicken casserole

      Healthy chicken casserole

      Healthy chicken casserole for cold winter nights, made with plenty of veg and butter beans for a filling meal that's good for you too. The whole family is going to love this recipe, which is packed with nutrients but also something to look forward to. Serve on its own or with crusty bread.

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    • Chicken taco bowl

      Chicken taco bowls

      Chicken taco bowls are quick and easy to make with leftover chicken, coriander, fresh lime and spicy sauce. They are ready in 10 mins and (you'll be pleased to know) just 288 calories per serving. The 'bowl' is made from the tortilla itself, which is shaped over the base of a small bowl or jug when warm to create a bowl that you can fill up. You can mix and match whatever you have in the fridge, as this is a fun way to make leftovers more interesting.

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    • Photo: Spanish style chicken bake

      Hairy Bikers' Spanish-style chicken bake

      This Hairy Bikers' Spanish-style chicken bake recipe is a perfect one-pot wonder. The Hairy Bikers have captured the classic flavours of Spain in one dish - and it's one of their diet dishes too! At just 370 calories per serving, you'd think this dish would be lacking in flavour - far from it! The powerful flavours of paprika and chorizo give the chicken a lovely Spanish twist. This delicious chicken bake serves 4 people and will take about 1hr and 15 mins to make in total. Itís well worth the wait! The Hairy Bikers use chicken thighs in this recipe to cut down the cost but feel free to use your favourite cut of chicken instead e.g. chicken breast or drumsticks. And the best thing about this recipe - it's all made in one pot! Less washing up and a delicious family meal - what more could you want? This recipe is part of the Hairy Dieters series.

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    • Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

      Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

      Impress your friends and family with this quick and easy Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans made with ginger, cumin and red chillies. It's a fiery dish that can be ready on the table in just 25 mins.

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    • How to check if a chicken is cooked

      Watch how simple it is to check if your roast chicken is cooked through properly. This is the easiest way to check if the chicken is cooked through and safe to eat.

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