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  • Fortune cookies recipe

    Fortune cookies recipe

    Fortune cookies are a Chinese restaurant staple, but theyíre actually really simple to make at home. The mixture for our fortune cookies is very similar to a French tuiles biscuit base, and is made up of butter, sugar, eggs and flour, as well as a little vanilla flavouring. These wafer-thin biscuits cool down fast, so the trick to shaping them is to work fast (while minding your fingers donít get burnt!) These are a really fun for New Year or a dinner party to impress friends and family with, and the best bit about making your own fortune cookies is you can make the fortunes personalised.

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  • Chinese sticky ribs

    Chinese sticky ribs

    For a real treat this week, why not give these delicious Chinese sticky ribs dish a go? With onions, Chinese Five Spice, hoisin sauce and ketchup along with apple juice mixed together to make a deliciously sticky, spicy and sweet sauce, itís a great way to enjoy a rack of pork loin ribs and makes a great week night meal that could equally be a delicious weekend treat too. This simple recipe makes enough ribs to serve four, so itís a great way to treat the family to something different this week Ė it will soon become of your favourite recipes everyone will love.

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  • honey and soy sticky chicken

    Honey and soy sticky chicken

    Sticky chicken makes such a great dinner option as itís super tasty but is a relatively cheap form of protein Ė so itís great for filling up the whole family. This recipe uses honey, ginger and soy sauce to create a really tangy marinade that youíll absolutely love. Served up with brown basmati rice, spring onions and tenderstem broccoli, this dinner option is full of different textures and provides a healthy mix of ingredients that are perfect for a mid-week treat that youíll want to try again and again. Whatís more, this recipe serves four people and is ready in under 30 minutes, so itís a great one to turn to when youíve had a long day and want something you can whip up in a flash. You can make this one ahead too as this chicken dish is suitable for freezing.

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  • chicken Chow mein

    Ken Hom's chicken chow mein

    This tasty chicken chow mein recipe is a quick and easy to prepare healthy veg-filled dinner with lots of flavour. This delicious Chinese stir-fries recipe is a courtesy from celebrity chef Ken Hom, so you know itís a good one. Stir-fries like this chicken chow mein, require a wok, so make sure youíve got one in your kitchen before you start chopping up the ingredients. This chicken chow mein takes only 40mins in total to prepare, so you can have a delicious meal made from scratch on the dinner table in less than an hour. First off youíll need to cook the noodles in boiling water, but donít forget to set 10mins aside to marinate the chicken. Noodles can dried or fresh, fresh will taste much better. For the marinade, which really packs a pungent flavour in the chicken, you will need soy sauce, dry sherry, sesame oil, salt and freshly ground white pepper. Although this recipe includes chicken and certain vegetables like mange tout and onions, you can use swap or add any ingredients youíd like such as fish, meat, poultry or other vegetables. Enjoy this quick and simple dish after a busy day or just when you canít be bothered making anything complicated.

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  • Spring rolls

    Vegetable spring rolls

    If you're looking for a delicious spring roll recipe with loads of flavour then this easy step-by-step is perfect. Deep-fried spring rolls are usually dripping in fat so we've baked ours in the oven, to cut back on the calories without sacrificing any of the crunch. Using mango chutney might sound odd for the dipping sauce but it creates a really fab thick and sweet flavour, perfect for complimenting all the fresh veg. You can make these up ahead of time and bake just before serving for an easy but impressive Chinese starter to impress friends and family with.

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  • Low fat sweet and sour pork

    Low-fat sweet and sour pork

    Chinese takeaways are a real treat but this tasty low-fat version of an old favourite makes a great dinner any day of the week. Our healthy sweet and sour pork is delicious served up with some fluffy rice and a few prawn crackers for a treat. We love the balance of tangy flavours with sweet mellow tones in the sauce, and thanks to a little help from some cornflour it's nice and thick, so it coats everything beautifully - meaning you get a mouthful of flavour with every bite. If you want to make this low-fat, healthy sweet and sour pork even more virtuous you could roast the pork, rather than frying it in oil and add in a few more veggies too. Kids and adults will love this sweet and sour pork come Friday night, so why not add it to your meal planner and pick up the ingredients next time you're out and about? It's sure to become a family favourite!

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  • Prawn toast

    Prawn toast

    If you always order prawn toast with your takeaway, don't forget you can make them in just 30 minutes and they're healthier and tastier too. In just ten minutes you can prep all the ingredients for this delicious prawn toast recipe and have it cooked in another ten! We love this as a tasty little side to a Chinese 'fakeaway' at home or for a bit of a fancy homemade starter when friends or family are over for dinner, to really impress. Our favourite prawn toast dip has got to be a classic sweet chilli but you can use anything you want really, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar combine to make a tasty dip or you could ditch the dip in favour of a fresh side salad to make it into more of a robust starter.

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  • Oriental chicken noodle soup

    Oriental chicken noodle soup

    Try this delicious Oriental chicken noodle soup recipe from Woman's Weekly. This quick soup taking only 10 mins to prep and 15 mins to cook and is infused with ginger and chilli and serves 4 people. When you're under the weather, you can't get better than hot chicken soup to nurse you back to good health again. A portion of this healthy soup works out at only 287 calories per serving. This soup is really easy to make and is cheap too. If you're looking to cut the cost of this soup down even more, use precooked chicken thigh.

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  • Salt and pepper spare ribs

    Salt and pepper spare ribs

    These salt and pepper spare ribs are a classic Chinese restaurant favourite that can be made time and time again. The secret to their melt-in-the-mouth tenderness and crispy texture is to cook them twice. First, slow-cook them in a slow cooker or casserole dish in a low oven, then toss them in salt and spices and deep-fry them. Make these as a tasty starter and marinate for 2 hrs using Chinese rice wine and light soy sauce for an extra delicious flavour. Cooking these ribs on a low heat for a long period of time makes them fall off the bone. Theyíre finger licking good!

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  • Chicken and cashew stir fry

    Chicken and cashew nut stir-fry

    Don't go to the Chinese take-away Ė make this chicken and cashew nut stir fry at home instead and save some money as well as pounds! This recipe can be ready in under half an hour, which makes it the perfect speedy supper. It's healthy, inexpensive and feeds four, which makes it the perfect meal to feed your family! You can serve this stir-fry with either rice or noodles that are filling but good for you, and this is a great way to get your kids to eat some more vegetables. It's colourful and full of flavour, and you can add whatever fresh veg you've got at home. Feel free to add tenderstem broccoli, or even swapping out the cashews for peanuts. Make sure you use the roast kind and not salted, as they will be too full on for this recipe.

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  • Honey lemon and ginger stir fry

    Honey, lemon and ginger chicken stir-fry

    This honey, lemon and ginger chicken stir-fry is packed full of goodness that's ideal if you're feeling a bit under the weather! It's a home made stir-fry take on a takeaway classic that's ready in 20 minutes and takes hardly any prep. This tasty chicken and veg stir-fry is delicious with lovely sesame seeds, fresh ginger and honey and can be rustled up in no time at all. Feed your family with this lovely recipe that's nutritious and filling thanks to itís combination of colourful vegetables and protein filled chicken. Enjoy it either for lunch or as a speedy dinner when you're short on time. It never disappoints!

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  • Superfood salmon stir-fry

    Superfood salmon stir-fry

    Whether youíre after a super quick week night meal or something special you can whip up for you lunches this week, why not try this super easy but really healthy recipe? If youíre trying to eat healthily, picking a stir fry for dinner or lunch is the easiest way to get you on your way to eating better Ė this delicious stir fry is packed with healthy vegetables and salmon to provide you with plenty of nutrients. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that are great for you hair, skin and nails as well as keeping your heart healthy. There are also plenty of vegetables in this recipe, including vitamin packed green beans and healthy fat filled avocados. Broccoli, spinach and tomatoes also provide another source of vitamins in this delicious dish. This delicious quick and easy stir-fry has heart-boosting and cancer-fighting superfoods in it. What's not to love?

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