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Hi , planning your Christmas menu? Now you can group all the festive recipes you've been saving into a Christmas folder. Make yours today!
Planning your Christmas menu? Start saving your favourite festive recipes into your very own online recipe book. Just click on the big green save button on any recipe to get started.

Latest recipes

  • chocolate christmas cake

    Chocolate finger Christmas cake

    This chocolate Christmas cake lets you make an edible Nativity scene from moist chocolate…

  • Salmon en croute

    Salmon en croute

    This delicious salmon en croute recipe is a real classic. Perfect for special occasions,…

  • how to make stollen

    How to make stollen

    We've set out exactly how to make stollen so that you can make your own this year, instead…

  • Turkey stew recipe

    Turkey stew

    This succulent turkey stew recipe is a great way to use up any leftovers from Christmas Day…

  • How to cook a turkey

    How to cook a turkey

    Wondering how to cook a turkey? If you’re cooking Christmas dinner for the first time this…

  • How to carve a turkey

    How to carve a turkey

    Love a nice turkey roast dinner but have no idea how to carve it up to serve? Do your…

  • Christmas club sandwich

    16 festive sandwiches to make and devour this Christmas

    Everyone loves a Christmas sandwich so we've collected the best ideas we could find to make…

  • cranberry sauce recipe

    Cranberry sauce

    Cranberry sauce is a classic side that can be used all year round and for a variation of…

  • How to cook chestnuts

    How to cook chestnuts

    Learn how to cook your chestnuts to perfection with our simple step-by-step guide. Great…

  • Pigs in blankets recipe

    Pigs in blankets

    Pigs in blankets are the ultimate roast dinner side, made with crispy streaky bacon wrapped…

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