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Christmas party food recipes

Slimming World's smoked salmon, cottage cheese and rocket rolls

Christmas party food recipes

Christmas is the perfect excuse to throw a party but don't worry, it needn't be hard work. Our easy party food recipes are perfect for any occasion and budget - you just need to do a little planning.

Our Christmas party planning guide


1. Start a Christmas collection


There are so many different things you can make for a Christmas party - the possibilities are endless. One of the easiest ways to know exactly what you want is to collect all the recipes in one place. Start a Christmas collection in your goodtoknow Recipe Book to plan your party food.  

2. Work out your guest list

How big do you want your party to be? Knowing how many people are coming can help you decide the style of food you want to cook. Under 10 people and a nice sit down dinner could be nice, a hot buffet with big batches of food could feed around 20 people and if you're planning a big gathering, canapes and buffet favourites are the way to go.  

3. Set your budget

Plan how much you'd ideally like to spend on the food and work out just how much food you will need to feed everyone - you don't want too little food but you also don't want too much leftover. Once you know how much you want to spend you can start to think about the food you can make in that budget.


4. Don't forget the drinks
Drinks are another place where you can add a little Christmas magic. Mulled wine, cocktails, eggnog, a few Christmas cocktails can add a lovely festive vibe.


5. Make in advance
If you've planned out all the food you're going to make, it's easy to start making some before the big day. Mince pies, tarts and sausage rolls can be made in advance and frozen - you'll really thank yourself on the big day!

6. Have fun!
No party is ever perfect, things are going to go wrong - but that's half the fun! Real Christmases are always messy so as long as everyone is enjoying themselves - that's all that really matters!



Hi , planning your Christmas menu? Now you can group all the festive recipes you've been saving into a Christmas folder. Make yours today!
Planning your Christmas menu? Start saving your favourite festive recipes into your very own online recipe book. Just click on the big green save button on any recipe to get started.
  • This mince pies recipe takes a bit of time to prepare and you need to make the mixture the day before - but…

    Makes: 24

  • For mulled wine with a kick, offer this warming drink to party guests to get them in the Christmas spirit!

    Serves: 6-8

    Total time: 15 mins

  • These gorgeous snowmen cupcakes will look great on any Christmas table - perfect party food, they're guaranteed…

    Makes: 8-10

    Total time: 55 mins

  • Give your Christmas table a bit of extra flair with these cute home-made Christmas pud cake pops. Not only do…

    Serves: 12

    Total time: 1 hr 40 mins

  • Gordon says: 'At home, I’m raising my own little brigade of sous chefs, who are always willing to help with any…

    Makes: 80-90

  • Millionaire's shortbread is a favourite - combining decadent layers of shortbread with caramel and chocolate -…

    Makes: 9-12

    Total time: 1 hr 10 mins

  • Fancy a festive treat? Try a Turkish delight rocky road for a fun spin on an old classic - this one's great for…

    Makes: 36

  • Delicately flavoured with rosewater, these homemade Turkish delights look gorgeous and taste wonderful. A great gift.

    Makes: 36-49

  • Warning: these oh-so-cute mini macaroons are very, very moreish. They're great for kids' parties, too

    Makes: 34

  • Give your standard chocolate tart a little extra pop with this inventive topping from Heston Blumenthal. The…

    Serves: 8

    Total time: 20 mins

  • Quick and easy party food from Slimming World. These smoked salmon rolls will be on the table (and in their…

    Makes: 16

  • This Gordon Ramsay dessert is most definitely a boozy trifle! Prepare ahead and leave in the fridge to allow…

    Serves: 8

    Total time: 2 hrs 45 mins

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