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  • Roasted chicken with clementines

    Citrus-roasted chicken

    Add a little festive flavour to chicken this Christmas by roasting chicken with clementines. Once cooked, sprinkle with parsley for extra flavour

    • 4
    (46 ratings)
  • Gingerbread cupcakes with clementine buttercream

    Gingerbread cupcakes with clementine buttercream are the perfect Christmas cake treats! They're so cute, decorated with mini gingerbread men, and they only need 5 minutes prep time which makes them perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who can't spend hours in the kitchen baking. You can make these gingerbread cupcakes with the kids who can help decorate them, but be warned, things might get messy. You might want to do the icing yourself and get them to help stick mini stars or sprinkles on top.

    • 5
    (36 ratings)
  • Woman's Weekly clementine tart

    Clementine custard tart

    This clementine custard tart from Woman's Weekly is not only a great treat but will also give you a big vitamin C boost.

    • 3
    (11 ratings)
  • Woman's Weekly roast duck with ginger wine jus

    Roast duck with ginger wine jus

    Why not add a few dashes of alcohol to liven up your cooking? Wines, spirits or liqueurs add intrigue and richness to recipes.

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    (4 ratings)
  • Gordon Ramsay's clementine, star anise and ricotta cake

    Gordon Ramsay's clementine, star anise and ricotta cake

    Brimming with Christmassy clementines, this is a moist, dense cake, with a subtle hint of star anise. Once topped with the barely cooked clementines and syrup, it is best eaten within a day, or at most, over a couple of days.

    • 3
    (17 ratings)
  • Sweet wine and clementine jelly

    Sweet wine and clementine jelly

    A tempting family favourite with a grown-up twist - makes a good Christmas dessert too!

    • 3
    (13 ratings)
  • Tana Ramsay's clementine tart

    Tana Ramsay's clementine tart

    Simple, easy and always impressive, this sweet fruit tart with apricot jam, star anise and double cream is just delicious.

    • 3
    (15 ratings)
  • Clementine Crepes

    Clementine pancakes

    The tastebud-tingling mix of zesty orange flavours makes these quick and easy pancakes an indulgent treat

    • 3
    (388 ratings)

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