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  • Veggie Bangladeshi aubergine and courgette curry

    Bangladeshi aubergine and courgette curry

    The list of ingredients for this Bangladeshi aubergine and courgette curry might look long, but once you've stocked your store cupboard you can make the dish again and again. Full of veggies and packed with plenty of spices, this curry is perfect if you're catering for vegetarian guests or looking for a delicious way to get the family to eat their 5-a-day. Plus, once you've cooked up a big batch, this delicious dish still tastes great the next day. Simply spoon a serving into a dish, pop in the microwave for 3-4 minutes or until piping hot, and then enjoy!

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  • pesto chicken courgetti

    Courgette spaghetti with pesto and chicken

    Courgette spaghetti with pesto and chicken is a quick and easy dish that is both healthy and packed with flavour. If you love pasta, but want to eat something a bit lighter and lower in carbs, then courgette spaghetti is for you. The spiralised courgette acts just like spaghetti and is the perfect base for a pasta sauce. Even better - these clever noodles can count towards one of your five a day. Even fussy eaters won't notice they're eating vegetables when it's disguised as pasta. We've served our courgette spaghetti with home made pesto and seasoned, pan fried chicken fillets. Making your own pesto is so easy and gives far better results than anything you can buy in the shops. All you need to do is blend a few ingredients and you've got a fresh and punchy sauce, without any artificial flavourings or additives. Our recipe uses quark, a lower fat cheese product, popular in Germany, which reduces the fat content and gives the pesto a creamy texture. Courgette spaghetti with pesto and chicken is the perfect healthy summer supper.

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  • Winter pizza bianca

    Courgette pizza bianca

    Courgette pizza bianca, or white pizza, makes a change from the standard pizza recipe as it's made without tomatoes. A mascarpone base with loads of Taleggio cheese is a nice move away from tomato sauce and mozarella for something a little different. This pizza will be on the table in 20 minutes as it uses frozen pizza dough, which is good news after a long day - plus, it's a really interesting new way to use up courgettes. Feel free to drizzle over some garlic oil if you fancy at the end!

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  • Thai Coconut Prawn Soup with Courgetti

    Thai coconut prawn soup with courgetti

    Madeleine Shaw's Thai coconut prawn soup with courgetti is fresh and tasty, but so easy to make. The courgetti, or spiralized courgette, give the soup some extra texture and make it more satisfying. It's gluten free, dairy free and packed full of protein, so this is a great soup to try if you're interested in "clean eating".

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  • Sweet potato and courgette fish cakes

    Sweet potato and courgette fish cakes

    Sweet potato and courgette fish cakes are quick and easy to make, with soft sweet potato, baking potatoes, courgette and fresh cod. This new spin on fish cakes makes the perfect family meal served with salad leaves and a side of mayo mixed with sweet chilli sauce. Fish cakes are ideal for the midweek rush when you haven't got much time in the kitchen. Coming in at 2 of your 5-a-day, these fish cakes work out at only 321 calories per serving - ideal if you're trying to be healthier or counting calories.

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  • Slimming world prawn curry

    Slimming World chiang mai prawn and courgette curry

    With a long coastline and hundreds of tropical islands, itís no surprise that seafood is a big part of Thailandís cuisine. This simple puts chunky prawns with courgettes and coconut milk to create a curry with an unforgettable flavour. This Slimming World chiang mai prawn and courgette curry combines loads of rich, indulgent flavours while still keeping the calories down so it's perfect if you're trying to be good. The spice paste for the base is so simple to make, too. You can make it in bulk and freeze it to help make dinners midweek super speedy.

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  • Roasted vegetable pizza

    Roasted vegetable pizza

    This delicious, easy roasted vegetable pizza recipe is a great takeaway alternative. This simple recipe contains less than 10g fat - great if you want to be healthy. This recipe serves 4 people and will take around 50 mins to prepare and cook. We'd recommend making the base of this pizza in advance as it needs 1hr rising time before you can work with the dough and cook it. This delicious pizza is topped with mouth-watering roasted vegetables including onion, courgette and peppers. Serve this easy roasted vegetable pizza with a freshly prepared rocket salad or with homemade potato wedges - the whole family will love this vegetarian option.

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  • Roast Vegetables with Honey and Feta Cheese

    Roasted vegetables with honey and feta cheese

    For a delicious dinner thatís full of flavour and takes no time at all to prep, try this tasty roasted veg dish this week for a flavoursome main meal option. Whether youíre vegetarian or just want to cut down of meat, this is a great option to go for to help you on your way to five-a-day. Roasted vegetables are full of colour and flavour and adding honey and feta turns these roasted vegetables into a deliciously indulgent vegetarian main course. Red peppers are a great source of vitamin C and other antioxidants, while carrots are known to be high in vitamin A and C among other great antioxidants and vitamins. Courgettes have a meaty texture that gives this dish an added benefit, while they also contain a good amount of dietary fibre and vitamins. Butternut squash are really low in fat but make a filling and colourful element to this dish too. Youíll find this dish to be the tastiest way to get to your five-a-day that the whole family will love.

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  • courgette pea shoot pomegranate salad

    Courgette, pea shoot and pomegranate salad

    This bright green courgette, pea shoot and pomegranate salad is a pop of colour for your Sunday roast table or picnic basket. A selection of greens from petits pois and sugar snap peas to pea shoots and the juicy pomegranate seeds makes this a delightful treat, with the pomegranate bringing a touch of luxury to it. To make the impressive-looking courgette noodles, simply use a spiraliser to carve thin slices out of the courgette or a julienne peeler. This adds even more nutrition to your salad. Served with a dressing made of honey, rapeseed oil and sherry vinegar, itís a cheerful light salad that works well as a side. Itís quick to make so you can easily put it together and takes no time from other cooking. Try it with a roast dinner as a veggie extra for a lighter twist on the usual sides.

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  • Ratatouille


    This classic ratatouille recipe has been triple tested in our kitchens. Warming and comforting, a veggie packed ratatouille is easy to make with any leftover veggies you've got. This traditional ratatouille will take around 50 mins to prepare and cook and serves 8 people. A portion of this delicious vegetable mix works out at only 120 calories per serving. This dish is the perfect side with meat like chicken or white fish. You could toss through pasta or serve with potatoes. This ratatouille is ideal for vegetarians too. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2-3 days - reheat thoroughly before serving. This ratatouille recipe can be stored in the freezer too - use within 1 month and defrost in the fridge overnight before reheating.

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  • Zesty 4-veg pesto pasta

    Zesty 4-veg pesto pasta

    Veg pesto pasta puts a fab twist on a classic pesto recipe - as well as using basil, it's got broccoli, peas, courgette and spinach in it which give it a really lovely flavour and a 5-a-day boost. You can have this recipe on the table in 25 minutes which makes it a good midweek choice. It's almost as speedy as it would be to use pesto out of a jar, except it's healthier and you know exactly what's going into the food you're going to eat. It's a really fab way of getting more veg into your children's diet without them necessarily knowing it. Everyone at home will love this recipe, especially if you grate some Parmesan over the top - you'll find yourself making it time and time again.

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  • Turkey tikka masala

    Turkey tikka masala

    Turkey tikka masala is a lovely way to use up leftover meat from a roast dinner if you have some in the fridge. If you don't have any leftover turkey then you can buy pre-cooked sliced breast meat from most supermarkets' deli sections. Made from scratch this sauce is rich and warming with a beautiful tomato-rich taste - perfect for complementing the mild turkey meat. If you fancy you can serve yours up with fluffy basmati rice, as directed in the recipe below, or even some Indian breads like roti or naan. If you're feeling like being healthy then this recipe is great because turkey is such a lean meat. For a veggie boost you could add a chopped salad to the side of this dish and skip the carbs. Any way you choose to serve it one thing's for sure, it'll be delicious!

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