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 Slimming World's spicy chicken, spinach and potato curry

Fancy a curry? From delicious and sweet Thai curry to Indian curry classics like as chicken tikka masala, we've got a mild, medium or spicy curry perfect for you. We even have low-fat curries if you're watching the calories. Plus, we have seasonal curries including pumpkin curry and butternut squash curry that are perfect for an autumn curry dinner. Not after a chicken curry? We've got plenty of vegetarian curry recipes too. These are your favourite curry recipes:

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  • Pancakes filled with a rich curry will make a delicious treat for dinner. Our curry is served in a simple…

    Makes: 4

    Total time: 35 mins

  • This light and fragrant curry is a welcome change to the traditional rich and spicy sauce we Brits have come to…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 30 mins

  • This healthy, curry-based noodle dish from South-East Asia only takes 25 minutes to prepare. Brilliant!

    Serves: 4

  • A mild and creamy chicken curry, perfect for anyone who doesnít like hot spices. Add in extra vegetables for a…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 46 mins

  • This delicious Jamie Oliver curry recipe is inspired by South Indian cooking and has a lovely light coconut…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 20 mins

  • A tasty, healthy chicken curry with low-fat yogurt, free-range chicken, light coconut milk and lots of warming…

    Serves: 2

    Total time: 1 hr 10 mins

  • Oriental curry sauces are usually less spicy hot than Indian ones so are good for more delicate flavours like…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 2 hrs 21 mins

  • Coconut milk makes a lovely rich dairy-free curry sauce when mixed with curry paste. This dairy-free prawn…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 45 mins

  • If youíre counting the calories this month and watching what you eat, this simple chicken tikka masala will be…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 55 mins

    (plus 2 hours marinating time)
  • Perfect for cooking on the BBQ or grill, these spicy Tandoori lamb skewers are tender, succulent and full of…

    Serves: 3-4

    Total time: 50 mins

  • This delicious and flavoursome saag aloo recipe is a classic Indian dish that is so simple to make and is the…

    Serves: 4-5

    Total time: 40 mins

  • This classic chicken tikka masala recipe is packed full of sweet red peppers that only bulk this delicious…

    Serves: 4-5

    Total time: 1 hr

  • Make this curry with its fragant flavours of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise - you won't need that Indian…

    Serves: 6

  • The firm, meaty flesh of the aubergine is the perfect match for the thick and spicy curry paste

    Serves: 4

  • This simple-to-prepare seafood curry is full of flavour - perfect for a filling evening meal with friends

    Serves: 4

  • No need to call your local curry shop try Gordon's easy vegetable curry instead - made in just 4 steps

  • Darren Smith says 'the best curry you'll ever make,' so why not give it a try! This will serve about 4+ people,…

    Serves: 4 +

  • This is very mild but if you like your curries spicier, add one chopped chilli with the curry powder. You can…

    Serves: 4

  • Mild but full of flavour, the mix of coconut cream and spices give this curry its gorgeous colour.

    Serves: 4

  • This easy curry soup is delicious served with mango chutney - and you can freeze it for up to 3 months, too

    Serves: 4-6

  • Anjum Anand's easy-to-make curry uses lots of tomatoes and whole spices for its simple, rustic and well-rounded flavours

    Serves: 4

  • A delicious winter warmer with an Indian flavour.

    Serves: 4

  • You can make this thick curry, from Levi's BBC2 programme, Caribbean Food Made Easy, as mild or as hot as you…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 35 mins

  • This tomato raita is a cooling side dish for any spicy Indian curry

    Serves: 4

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