Dessert recipes

  • pineapple carpaccio

    Minty pineapple carpaccio

    Pineapple carpaccio is a light and refreshing pudding perfect for after any celebration…

  • Pecan pie recipe

    Pecan pie

    Pecan pie is a classic American pastry tart filled with a buttery syrup and packed with…

  • Avocado chocolate mousse

    Avocado chocolate mousse

    Avocado chocolate mousse is a delicious, healthy alternative to a chocolate mousse. This…

  • Pancakes basic

    Ultimate pancake recipe

    This easy pancake recipe is the ultimate one a weekend brunch (and Pancake Day, of…

  • pineapple pudding

    Pineapple pudding with tequila syrup

    Pineapple pudding is a light and fruity sponge cake with a tequila twist. This pineapple…

  • Nutella cheesecake

    Nutella cheesecake

    Nutella cheesecake is a rich, gooey cheesecake recipe with a sweet, chocolate and hazelnut…

  • Gino D'Acampo's Panettone classico

    Gino D'Acampo's panettone classico

    A panettone recipe makes a cake with a difference that's perfect for Christmas. This Gino…

  • Pumpkin pie recipe

    Classic pumpkin pie

    Pumpkin pie is a wonderful seasonal recipe and our easy, classic pumpkin pie is a real…

  • Rice pudding

    Rice pudding

    Rice pudding is one of the classic comfort food puds. Although you can buy it in cans and…

  • Baileys cheesecake

    Baileys no-bake cheesecake

    Baileys cheesecake is an all time favourite and this no-bake recipe makes a seriously…

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  • Cheesecake

    Cheesecake recipes

    Cheesecake recipes including easy no-bake cheesecake, ric…

  • Ice cream

    Raspberry ripple ice cream

    Our ice cream dessert recipes either show you how to make…

  • Low-fat dessert

    Vanilla fruit strudel

    Delicious desserts don't have to be high calorie desserts…

  • Meringue

    Hazelnut meringue

    If you love meringues as much as we do you're definitely …

  • Crumble

    Blackberry crumble_James Martin

    Crumbles are make for a really tasty dessert yet are so e…

  • Steamed pudding

    Treacle Sponge

    You can't beat a good old steamed pudding for comfort foo…

  • Toffee

    Banana toffee pancakes

    We all love a bit of toffee and you just can't do better …

  • Lower-fat dessert

    Lorraine Pascale's skinny tart

    Watching your weight? It doesn't mean you can't have a sw…

  • Sticky toffee pudding

    Sticky toffee pudding

    OK, sticky toffee pudding isn't going to help you with yo…

  • The Great British Bake Off

    The Great British Bake Off 2014

    The Great British Bake Off recipes are so easy to make at…

  • Clotted cream

    Clotted cream whoopie pie

    Clotted cream isn't going to help with the diet, but then…

  • Trifle

    Old English Sherry Trifle

    We’ve got lots of classic trifle recipes for you …

  • Custard

    Low-fat custard

    If you’re looking for the perfect custard recipe yo…

  • Ice lolly

    Strawberry sorbet lollies

    We've got lots of delicious, quick and easy ice lolly rec…

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