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  • Malteser cheesecake

    Lorraine Pascale's easy Maltesers cheesecake

    This easy cheesecake recipe is really simple to make and features everyone's favourite chocolate treat - Maltesers! So what's not to love? This easy cheesecake recipe is a wickedly crunchy vanilla cheesecake which uses crushed Maltesers in the base as well as in the creamy filling. This simple cheesecake recipe perfect for parties, because of its fun twist and mouthwatering flavour - everyone will go nuts for this chocolatey treat! You can also serve this no bake cheesecake for pudding after a nice meal, as it will serve 6-8 people. Lorraine Pascale's Maltesers cheesecake may take a little time to make and chill but this dessert is well worth the wait. Store this cheesecake in the fridge and eat within 2 days. This cheesecake is best made, served and eaten on the same day, but you probably won't have any leftovers anyway! Decorate this cheesecake with plenty of Maltesers and serve with a dash of cream or more Maltesers - the choice is yours!

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  • Ultimate pancake recipe

    This quick and easy pancake recipe is the ultimate one a weekend brunch (and Pancake Day, of course!). If you're looking to learn how to make pancakes, this recipe has been triple tested in our kitchens, so you're safe in the knowledge that you'll learn how to make perfect pancake batter by following our easy recipe, which comes with a handy step-by-step video to make sure yours turn out perfect every time. All you need is some flour, salt, eggs and milk to get flipping perfect pancakes. Highly rated and much loved by our Goodtoknow readers, this is the ultimate pancake recipe for flipping, topping and filling with lots of tasty ingredients and combinations or just the classic lemon and sugar - it's up to you! Let us know all your favourite pancake twists, adaptations and toppings by commenting below. This recipe makes 6-8 pancakes sized at 20-23cm round. The pancake batter takes 5 mins to whip up and 5 mins to cook. It's a must-have recipe for Pancake Day.

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  • Baileys no-bake cheesecake

    Baileys cheesecake is an all time favourite and this no-bake recipe makes a seriously impressive dessert when youíre entertaining friends and family! And as well as being delicious, this Baileys cheesecake recipe is particularly easy to make. Our Baileys cheesecake is so simple to make that all you have to do is combine very few ingredients, including double cream and Baileys for the topping and digestive biscuits and butter for the base. Because this Baileys cheesecake recipe is no bake, thereís no need to pop it in the oven - all you have to do is put it in the fridge and wait a few hours or overnight for it to set. If you love Baileys, this Baileys no-bake cheesecake is especially great for the holidays, as it's another way to enjoy the festive tipple. But if you're just a fan of a deliciously sweet pud, this Baileys cheesecake can also be enjoyed throughout the rest of the year as a refreshing dessert - especially as a post Sunday-roast treat! Sprinkled with grated chocolate or cocoa powder and topped with cream, this Baileys cheesecake makes a delicious dessert than everyone will love - and be asking you for the recipe!

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  • Wholemeal pancakes

    Wholemeal pancakes

    Wholemeal pancakes are lower in fat than your usual pancake and this healthy wholemeal pancake recipe is perfect for a healthy breakfast or snack. One of the reasons these wholemeal pancakes are so great for you is because wholemeal foods keeps you fuller for longer, so you won't feel the need to snack until your next meal. For these wholemeal pancakes, we also used semi-skimmed milk, so you can enjoy them Pancake Day - or any other time - without feeling guilty. This recipe makes 8 regular sized pancakes and will take only 10 mins to cook up a batch. They're a great alternative to your regular pancake mix, especially if you're trying to be healthy. It takes only 3 ingredients to make these pancakes too which means they're so easy to make, even the kids could join in. If you think you're going to be in a bit of a rush before you want to serve these then simply make them up ahead of time, they reheat beautifully and nobody will be able to tell the difference. You can also make the batter ahead and keep the mixture in the fridge until you're ready to whip them up. We think the best way to serve up wholemeal pancakes is with homemade compote and fresh berries to make them extra delicious!

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  • port jelly

    Port jelly with orange

    This port jelly is infused with the wonderful citrusy flavours of orange and has a subtle festive spice thanks to the cinnamon. Itís likely to be a winner with the adults at your party for sure. If youíre in a hurry donít bother setting the port jelly in three layers. Instead, spoon in all the fruit and then add all the port jelly. The end result will just have all the fruit at the top which some might prefer. Powdered gelatine can be found in most supermarkets and should only cost around £1 for a multi-pack. If you donít have a big jelly mould why not try several smaller ones for individual servings. There will be fewer arguments over who had the bigger portion but it does mean a little more washing up!

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  • mincemeat strudel

    Mincemeat strudel with Bramley apples

    Our mincemeat strudel with Bramley apples is the epitome of winter comfort food. You really cannot get any more festive than a warm mincemeat strudel, spiced with cinnamon and speckled with cranberries. Using ready made filo pasty takes all the fuss out of this mincemeat strudel, you can find it stocked in several supermarkets - check the butter aisle as it is often hiding there. Serve this mincemeat strudel with custard, cream or ice cream Ė whichever you prefer. This is the perfect recipe to use up leftovers after Christmas - just be sure to grab a slice before it all disappears!

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  • zabaglione black cherry trifle

    Zabaglione black cherry trifle

    Our zabaglione black cherry trifle takes a classic British pud and combines it with a luxurious Italian custard. If youíre looking for a twist on your typical trifle, you need to try this Zabaglione black cherry trifle. Itís rich and indulgent and sure to impress your guests.

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  • winter pavlova

    Winter pavlova

    This winter pavola is a delicious spin on a summer favourite. With two layers of marshmallowy meringue Ė itís a real showstopper! Jewelled with fresh raspberries and pomegranate seeds, this winter pavlova will be the star of the show at any festive meal.

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  • chocolate marquise

    Chocolate marquise with plums and butterscotch

    Our chocolate marquise with plum and butterscotch is a luxurious chocolate dessert that is so impressive. The sweet butterscotch sauce and fresh, fruity plums work perfectly with the chocolate to create a dessert with real finesse. This chocolate marquise can be made in advance and frozen, just be sure to freeze the plums separately, or just make them at the last minute as you defrost the chocolate marquise.

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  • Eton mess

    Eton mess is so simple, made with broken meringues, strawberries and cream Ė the best bits of summer combined into one easy dessert! You'll want to make our strawberry Eton mess recipe over and over again - it really couldn't be easier. This Eton mess recipe takes just 10 minutes to make, which means it's great for when you're having friends over, as you wonít have to spend long in the kitchen to make it. It gets its name as it is the dessert traditionally served at Eton College's prize-giving picnic on June 4th. To make this dessert super speedy, weíve used ready-made meringues. If you fancy a challenge and have a bit more time, you can make your own meringues from scratch! This Eton mess recipe makes 6 portions and shouldn't break the bank to make either. If you want to add more fruit to the mix, go for it Ė so youíre upping your 5-a-day intake in a really delicious way! Try raspberries, blackberries or blueberries for a change. A drizzle of port, kirsch or Cointreau will turn this summer dessert into an adult-only version. We guarantee it will be everyone's favourite pudding!

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  • ginger pudding

    Ginger pudding

    Our ginger pudding is a take on a classic Christmas pudding that has a kick of ginger as well as a good dose of brandy. Our version uses vegetable suet instead of regular suet, which makes it suitable for vegetarians. This ginger pudding recipe makes 2 puddings, each serving 8.

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  • Chocolate Log

    Chocolate log

    Chocolate log recipe is always a lovely bake to make, especially if you're having friends over as it looks so impressive. This chocolate log recipe combines chocolate cream, chocolate and vanilla all rolled up into a dessert that's so delicious, you'll want to have it over and over again. To make this chocolate log, you'll need 15 mins to prep it and another 25 mins to cook these chocolatey bake. This chocolate log recipe will serve six to eight people, but it's so moreish that everyone will probably want a second slice. To make the chocolate log recipe, you'll only need three simple ingredients - eggs, sugar and cocoa powder - and just a few more to make the filling. The whole family will love this delicious chocolate bake!

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