Drink recipes

  • Mulled wine

    Mulled wine

    Mulled wine is a Christmas must! It's a warming, festive drink that'll get everyone at your…

  • Cosmopolitan cocktail

    Cosmopolitan cocktail

    Cosmopolitan cocktail was made famous by Sex and the City but it's always been a winner…

  • Frose

    Frosť recipe

    Frosť is the most on trend drink to serve up at parties or get-togethers. This sweet and…

  • Galaxy cocktail

    Chocolate cocktail

    This creamy, chocolatey, completely delicious non-alcoholic cocktail is perfect for kids,…

  • elderflower mocktail

    Elderflower mocktail

    An elderflower mocktail is a sweet and refreshing summer drink. This sparkling drink is a…

  • turmeric latte

    Turmeric latte

    A turmeric latte is a delicious alternative to coffee, and makes the perfect afternoon…

  • Essentials magazine, elderflower and grape fizz

    Elderflower and grape fizz

    This summer cocktail's made with chilled Prosecco, fruity elderflower cordial and some…

  • Strawberry daiquiri

    Strawberry daiquiri

    Not only is this cocktail a very pretty colour, it's easy to make and tastes delicious too.…

  • Sex On The Beach recipe

    Sex On The Beach

    This is the perfect summer cocktail - refreshing and fruity but with a real kick from the…

  • Frozen margarita

    Frozen margaritas

    The main ingredient in any margarita is Tequila. There are many different stories as to…

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