Egg recipes

  • Fruit crepe recipe

    Crepe Recipe

    This crepe recipe is quick and simple to make every time, but leave out the alcoholic port…

  • pasta

    Spaghetti carbonara

    Spaghetti carbonara recipe is a classic Italian dish. It's quick and easy to make with egg,…

  • How to poach an egg

    How to poach an egg

    How to poach an egg - in four simple steps! These perfect poached eggs are great served on…

  • How to make an omelette

    How to make an omelette

    With a box of eggs in the fridge you really have got a fast, healthy and cheap meal at your…

  • brie quiche

    Brie quiche with cranberries

    A Brie quiche with hints of cranberry is a fantastic way to use up any cheeseboard…

  • Sweetcorn fritters

    Sweetcorn fritters

    Sweetcorn fritters are the perfect easy recipe for the whole family. These crispy sweetcorn…

  • bubble and squeak

    Bubble and squeak

    Bubble and squeak makes a delicious meal at any time of the day, from breakfast right…

  • Frittata recipe

    Gary Rhodes' bacon and potato frittata

    A frittata is always a quick and easy recipe to whip up if you don't much time to cook a…

  • Eggy Bread with Cheese and Ham

    Eggy bread with ham and cheese

    Eggy bread is the perfect lunchtime treat. Our version is a cross between a cheese and ham…

  • salmon hash

    Salmon hash

    Salmon hash is a healthy and filling brunch dish that is packed with flavour. The…

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