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  • Angel cupcakes with brandy frosting

    Angel cupcakes with brandy frosting

    These tasty little cakes use angel cake batter to make delectably light treats, with all the flavours of a mince pie. They are spiced with cinnamon, rich with dried fruit and warming with brandy, but held together in a super-light sponge rather than heavy pastry. The frosting is the flavours of brandy butter but uses light cream cheese instead of butter for a lighter option without losing any of the flavour. Perfect as a weekend treat, make these cupcakes with the kids. They only take 12 mins to cook and cost hardly anything to make. Swap the brandy for orange juice for a non-alcoholic version.

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  • Quick chickpea and sweet potato curry

    Quick chickpea and sweet potato curry

    This is a speedy and delicious curry, packed with sweet potatoes and earthy chickpeas. Adjust the spicing to suit your own tastes – and have a tasty meal in minutes! With tomatoes, coconut milk and warming chilli, this is a great meal to make when it's cold outside and you're in a rush. The sweet coconut milk balances the heat of the chilli, making this a curry everyone can enjoy. With chickpeas, sweet potatoes, peas and tomatoes, this is four of five a day in one bowl.

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  • Chickpea tagine with apricots

    Chickpea tagine with apricots

    Tagine actually refers to the ceramic pot with a funnel-shaped top that is used to cook this Moroccan-influenced stew, but you don't need any fancy or expensive equipment to make one! This recipe is for a quick, cheap and tasty tagine of spiced chickpeas, dried fruit and a warming, spicy sauce. It's best served with couscous, and can be made as mild or as spicy as you like. It's also incredibly easy to double up the quantities – why not make a batch for the freezer?

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  • Sticky ginger cake with walnuts

    Sticky ginger cake with walnuts

    This sticky, dense cake is perfect on a cold winter day, with its warming hit of ginger and cinamon and spongy texture. It uses three forms of ginger to flavour it, so it is quite fiery, but this is tempered by the mellow flavour of the brown sugar and the dark treacle. The whiskey gives it an extra kick, and partners well with the spiciness of this deeply rich and sticky cake. If you like a less gingery cake, replace the ginger syrup with golden syrup and leave out the sliced crystallised ginger.

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  • Sweet potato hash

    Sweet potato hash

    This is a great way of using up left-over potatoes or sweet potatoes, but it is so tasty that you might want to cook the potatoes from scratch just to make it! It's great as part of a brunch if you serve it with bacon or sausages, and maybe some fried mushrooms or baked beans. It's also good as a quick lunch when you only have eggs and leftovers in the fridge. You can cook the egg in the middle of the hash as I have done here, or just fry or poach an egg and serve it on top of the hash. Delicious.

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  • Spiced pear and vanilla sponge

    Spiced pear and vanilla sponge

    Transform a simple sponge recipe by adding spiced pears and vanilla – it's a great alternative to traditional Christmas cake. Cooking the pears first means this takes a bit longer than a quick sponge, but you can be making the cake mix while the pears poach so it needn't be a hassle. You can ajdust the spicing to suit yourself, or substitute apples or even plums. Make sure not too much juice from the poached fruit ends up in the base of the cake tin or it'll be soggy and cook very slowly.

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  • Pear sorbet

    Pear sorbet

    This is incredibly simple to make but looks really impressive! It takes a long time to freeze, though, so we suggest making it at least the day before you want to eat it. You can use any kind of pears as they cook right down, but conference pears are particularly tasty in this healthy dessert. The sorbet is refreshing and delicious – it's perfect on its own, with a fruit salad, or as a healthy alternative to ice-cream. Since it's mostly pears, this dessert is fairly virtuous, and you can use less sugar if you want an even healthier pudding.

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  • Couscous pilaf

    Couscous pilaf

    This simple dish is perfect for picnics or lunchboxes, and is packed full of nuts, seeds and fruit. Each portion is one of your five a day as well as being tasty, and it looks lovely and colourful in a big bowl on the table for everyone to help themselves. It can be tweaked to your tastes by varying the dried fruit and nuts used or changing the dressing. Serve with a crisp salad for lunch or spicy fish cakes for dinner. This recipe is healthy and only takes 15 mins to cook – perfect if you’re in a hurry.

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  • Mocha cake

    Mocha cake

    This a grown-up chocolate cake made with bitter cocoa and rich espresso coffee for an intensly chocolately and dark cake. It's quick and simple to make but looks really impressive if you sandwhich it together with whipped cream. Serve it with coffee or hot chocolate to complement the flavours in the cake, or serve really thin slices with single cream poured over the top as a dessert. Be warned – this is a very rich cake so you'll need to slice it thinly!

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  • Spicy Thai-style soup

    Spicy Thai-style soup

    Thai food is all about balance: spicy, sweet, salty and sour. This quick and easy meal combines Thai spicing and flavours with healthy stir-fried vegetables for an impressive-looking but oh-so-easy soup. You can add any vegetables you like, so long as you cook the harder ones for longer. It's also especially good with potatoes, either simmered in the soup until soft or use up left-over potatoes and just heat them through in the soup at the very end.

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  • Mulled wine pears

    Mulled wine pears

    This is a brilliant dessert to make when you're short of time – it tastes delicious and looks really impressive, but it's really quick and easy to make. You can make it with any pears, although conference or other fairly hard varieties are the best as they get very soft in the liquid. It also works really well with unripe pears so don't worry too much about ripening them beforehand. You can vary the spices too, to suit your tastes.

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  • Amaretto cake

    Amaretto cake

    Jazz up a simple sponge cake with ground almonds and amaretto liqueur for an indulgent treat or tasty pudding. It uses a basic sponge cake recipe and adds ground almonds and almond liqueur to make it a denser and intensely flavoured almond cake. It doesn't need any icing but if you like you can make a glace icing using almond essence or liquer instead of water to make up the icing. Drizzle over the cake when it's warm and leave to cool completely in the tin if you make glace icing.

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