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  • Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich

    Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich recipe makes a classic cake from The Great British Bake Off judge. This Victoria sandwich recipe is a simple sponge made with the easy all-in-one method. Her large Victoria sandwich is perfect for all baking abilities and only takes 35 mins to make in total, so you don’t have to spend ages in the kitchen to bake this delicious cake. This Mary Berry Victoria sponge is sandwiched together with strawberry jam. If you want to make this Victoria sandwich cake a dessert cake, use freshly whipped cream as well as jam for the filling. This cake serves between 6-8 people, so you know you’ll have a slice for everyone if you have people coming round for a cup of tea. This Victoria sandwich will last up to 3 days in an airtight container or Tupperware – but we doubt you’ll have any leftovers! Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich cake is part of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible book, and it comes out perfectly every time. Once you've perfected this classic you can try other fillings or flavours in your sponge as well as experimenting with decoration too. Trust us, this Mary Berry Victoria sandwich will be your most requested recipe from the first time you make it!

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  • apple dappy

    Apple dappy

    An apple dappy is a traditional Eglish pud that originates from the West Country. These spirals of rich and buttery dough are filled with a sweet and slightly spiced apple mixture. We’ve added toasted pecans to our apple dappy as we love the slight crunch and nutty flavour they provide. Apple dappy is so easy to make, and the result is a warming and comforting pud that will transport your straight back to your childhood.

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  • Hairy Bikers' steak and ale pie

    Steak and ale pie is one of the most comforting dishes you can make and this recipe by the Hairy Bikers is not only really easy to follow, it's delicious too! You can't beat good, hearty British grub for a bit of comfort food and Si and Dave don't disappoint with this famous pie recipe. Tried and tested and guaranteed by the goodtoknow audience, this beef and ale pie recipe is a classic dish for the whole family. This delicious meat pie should take approximately 1hr and 40 mins to make and is well worth the wait. If you’ve got more time on your hands, we recommend you make your own puff pastry from scratch. It takes a bit longer but it’s well worth the effort for a delicious and completely homemade classic steak and ale pie. Packed with tender meat, rich gravy and plenty of veggies, we just can't get enough of this classic steak and ale pie recipe. Perfect for a comforting Sunday dinner during colder months, this is a great winter warmer. This recipe makes one large pie, which will feed around 4 to 6 people, depending on how hungry everyone is! This is comfort food at its finest, and everyone will love this steak and ale pie! Don't forget the mashed potato and greens to serve on the side and maybe a jug of gravy...

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  • Fish, chips and mushy peas

    Low-fat fish, chips and mushy peas

    Low-fat fish, chips and mushy peas are a guilt-free way to enjoy what is normally a Friday night take-out treat, but at home with WAY less fat! Leave the fryer to one side and make your fish and chips in the oven. It's just as tasty with less than 10g fat!

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  • Jam Tarts_IPN

    Jam tarts

    Jam tarts are one of those classic English treats that never disappoint, and this recipe will have you making them in a quick and easy way. This easy jam tart recipe is a no-fuss way to make delicious mini jam tarts and it only takes 30 mins to prepare - so you won’t have to have to stay in the kitchen all day to bake a quick sweet fix. This jam tarts recipe is great for children, because it’s a simple recipe you can make with them – why not let them top the pastry with strawberry or raspberry jam when you’re done? This recipe for jam tarts includes an easy way to make the jam tart pastry, so we suggest you make our recipe from scratch for an extra special homemade taste but you can also buy ready-made pastry if you’re in a hurry. If you’re making jam tart pastry from scratch, you’ll need butter, sugar, flour and one egg. Once you have the dough on the individual tart tins, it’s time to put the jam. We love making these with strawberry jam but you can also pick other flavours like raspberry, depending on what you like. Once they’re done, you can decorate the top with icing sugar – just sift shapes onto the tarts, like little cute hearts if you’re feeling romantic. Our recipe for these delicious jam tarts serves 12, which makes it ideal for a small kids’ party or as a treat for a special Sunday with a warm cup of tea. These mini jam tarts are also a lovely treat for summer, especially during strawberry season if you want to make your own homemade jam and top the jam tarts with it. We guarantee both children and adults will love these tarts of shortcrust pastry with jammy fillings!

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  • Toad in the hole

    This easy and delicious toad in the hole recipe is a perfect family dinner. We've made our recipe for toad in the hole super simple, so that it doesn't need many ingredients, making it perfect for a mid-week winter warmer or alternative to your Sunday roast dinner - it will quickly become a family staple! Serve this delicious British classic up with fluffy mashed potatoes and a good red onion gravy for a traditional meal. If you're feeling particularly good then you could add some veggies too like carrots, broccoli and green beans. This recipe serves up to 4 people and will take around 1hrs and 5 mins to prepare and cook. The trick when it comes to cooking this British classic is not to open the oven whilst its cooking so you get perfect, crisp Yorkshire pudding and the sausages are cooked all the way through too.

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  • Eton mess

    Eton mess is so simple, made with broken meringues, strawberries and cream – the best bits of summer combined into one easy dessert! You'll want to make our strawberry Eton mess recipe over and over again - it really couldn't be easier. This Eton mess recipe takes just 10 minutes to make, which means it's great for when you're having friends over, as you won’t have to spend long in the kitchen to make it. It gets its name as it is the dessert traditionally served at Eton College's prize-giving picnic on June 4th. To make this dessert super speedy, we’ve used ready-made meringues. If you fancy a challenge and have a bit more time, you can make your own meringues from scratch! This Eton mess recipe makes 6 portions and shouldn't break the bank to make either. If you want to add more fruit to the mix, go for it – so you’re upping your 5-a-day intake in a really delicious way! Try raspberries, blackberries or blueberries for a change. A drizzle of port, kirsch or Cointreau will turn this summer dessert into an adult-only version. We guarantee it will be everyone's favourite pudding!

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  • Hairy Bikers' The People's Cornish Pasty

    Hairy Bikers' Cornish pasty

    Cornish pasty is a treat that everyone loves! This classic Cornish pastry recipe is a traditional bake that's great for using up leftovers and takes no time at all. The Hairy Bikers' delicious Cornish pastry recipe, which is from their brilliant 'Food Tour of Britain' TV show is warming, filling and delicious. Learn how to make your own pastry and fill with the traditional Cornish filling with this easy-to-make recipe. Perfect for picnics, parties or just a nice lunch with the family. This recipe makes 6 Cornish pasties and will take around 1hr and 10 mins to prepare and cook. This hearty classic is sure to become a family favourite and keep everyone happy and full when it comes to eating them. If you have any leftover pasties, leave to cool thoroughly and then store wrapped in clingfilm in the fridge.

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  • This chicken casserole is cooked with eating apples and cider. It is delicious and suitable for the whole family. The chicken can be frozen for up to 1 month.

    Normandy chicken casserole

    A delicious chicken casserole cooked with sweet dessert apples in a flavoursome, cider and chicken stock sauce. Serve it up on a winter’s night and see the family’s faces light up.

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  • Pear and chocolate cake recipe

    Pear and chocolate cake

    This chocolate cake recipe is made extra juicy by the addition of super sweet pears. Made with ground almonds, it's also gluten-free

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  • Pork pie recipe

    Pork pie

    This classic pork pie recipe is easy to follow. Learn how to make a pork pie with this simple recipe from Woman's Weekly. This mouth-watering pork pie is bursting with flavour! It will take 1hr and 25 mins to prepare and bake and is well worth the wait. This classic is ideal for picnics, Christmas feasts - any time of year really. This recipe makes 6 hearty meat pies and shows you how to make the filling and the pastry from scratch.

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  • Homemade custard

    John Torode's custard

    Fancy making your own custard at home? It'll taste so much better than the packet stuff. Let Masterchef judge and top chef, John Torode, show you how to make his favourite custard recipe. This easy custard recipe is perfect drizzled over classic rhubarb crumble, sticky toffee pudding or over your favourite chocolate brownie cake. This recipe serves 8-10 people and will take only 20 mins to prepare and cook. This delicious custard has a boozy twist, its made with brandy!

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