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There are so many healthy and delicious dinners you can make with a lovely piece of fish. Fish recipes range from a 10 minute mackerel salad to a slow-cooked fish stew or seafood paella. And come the winter months, there are a whole host of new things to do with fish. Who could turn down a deliciously creamy fish pie? Or maybe a spicy fish curry? Tell us your favourite way to cook fish in the comments section below.

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Kiana Poipoi

Where is fish fingers and custard?? (Only some will understand)

Anna Reznyk

I am writing down and following recipes from this website everyday. Using my multicooker (my husband got me Redmond RMC-M4502 not too long ago). Everything turns out so delicious. Thats great that people are sharing their cooking experience here.

Holly Arnold

It's hard to choose but I think my favourite fish to cook is salmon. I do love a paella packed with seafood and scampi always catches my eye on the menu.


My favourite fish recipe has to be classic fish and chips! Fresh cod, crispy batter, plenty of chips and mushie peas of course - homemade is the best! x

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