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Festive Glazed Gammon_WW

Try gammon as an alternative to Christmas Day turkey. Roast it with something sweet and sticky for the glaze and serve with parsnips and potato dauphinoise. Our favourite Christmas gammon recipes are:

  • Gammon is one of the cheapest joints you can buy and is a tasty extra to the Christmas dinner table. This sugar…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 2 hrs 10 mins

  • Gordon says: 'A lovely glazed ham is a great staple in my holiday menu, not least because itís also delicious…

    Serves: 8-10

    Total time: 4 hrs

  • Bring more to the table by serving maple syrup-glazed roast gammon with your Christmas dinner. Perfect for…

    Serves: 8-10

    Total time: 2 hrs 35 mins

  • This Easter, why not try this gammon. It has a hint of spice from the cloves and the sweetness from Seville…

    Serves: 8-10

    Total time: 1 hr 45 mins

  • Try this fantastic gammon dish with a tangy orange, lemon and rosemary glaze served with grated potato rosti…

    Serves: 4-6

    Total time: 1 hr 25 mins

  • This quick, cheap and easy minestrone soup recipes uses leftover or frozen veg and cooked meat with pasta and…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 30 mins

  • Lightly-fried gammon steaks served with a creamy onion and mustard sauce. It's a complete meal, served with…

    Serves: 2

    Total time: 50 mins

  • A hearty, traditional British pie made with gammon, cooking apples, onions and potatoes

    Serves: 4-6

  • A great pub classic with a modern twist that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

    Serves: 2

  • Perfect for Sunday lunch or if you're having it for Christmas dinner, prepare it whilst the turkey's cooking…

    Serves: 8

  • This traditional, easy-to-follow recipe to create a family-loved Christmas classic

    Serves: 6-8

    Total time: 50 mins

    (may need an extra 10 mins)
  • Mango chutney is the perfect accompaniment for gammon steaks. Fry it briefly and serve with rice, sweetcorn and peas.

    Serves: 2

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