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  • Giant cupcake

    Learn how to make a giant cupcake with this easy recipe. This simple giant cupcake recipe is our best and makes one impressive birthday cake or treat for special occasions. All you need is a giant cupcake mould and you can make this impressive but simple cake. This recipe makes 1 giant cupcakes and should serve around 8-10 people. This giant cupcakes is ideal for parties or special occasions and makes a great birthday cake option. This cake will take around 1hr and 10 mins to make, bake and decorate. This impressive giant cupcakes is a real showstopper your friends and family will be very impressed with. Store any leftover cupcake in an airtight container on the kitchen side. If you decorated with fresh ingredients like cream or berries, you might want to store in the fridge instead but just remember that cake will go dry if kept in the fridge for too long.

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    Chocolate giant cupcake

    Know somebody who loves a good chocolate cupcake? A giant chocolate cupcake is the perfect idea for a special occasion. Instead of making lots of mini-sized cakes, which can be awkward at a party, try this giant version. Then you can add candles and use as the perfect substitute for a normal birthday cake. The ganache and buttercream topping is sure to win over the adults, whilst the fun addition of Marz planet chocolates or Dairy Milk buttons as a topping means it looks fun for the kids. It is a guaranteed hit.

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  • Large maderia cupcake

    Large Madeira cupcake

    Make an impression by baking this large cupcake. Made with a soft Maderia sponge and topped with classic cupcake decorations, it'll be perfect for birthday parties or special occasions

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  • Lemon giant cupcake

    Lemon giant cupcake

    We've got her classic giant cupcake recipe, now goodtoknow cupcake queen Victoria Threader shows us how to make a tangy lemon giant cupcake with sunflower decorations

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  • Coffee and hazelnut giant cupcake

    Coffee and hazelnut giant cupcake

    Fiona Cairns says: 'Instead of making a batch of cupcakes, why not confuse everyone and make a monster!' Learn how to make a classic cake into a giant cupcake with Fiona's recipe

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Showing 5 results

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