Greek recipes

  • halloumi burger

    Halloumi burgers

    Our halloumi burgers are a refreshing Greek burger recipe with peppers and a yoghurt sauce…

  • stuffed vine leaves

    Stuffed vine leaves

    Stuffed vine leaves are a delicious authentic Greek dish. These flavour packed parcels are…

  • lamb souvlaki

    Lamb souvlaki

    Lamb souvlaki is a Greek dish of skewered grilled meat that is marinated to make it extra…

  • spanakopita


    Spanakopita is a traditional Greek pie made with layers of crisp flaky filo pastry filled…

  • Moussaka

    Classic Moussaka

    Our classic Moussaka recipe is so easy to make at home. If you’ve ever eaten in a Greek…

  • Dolmades


    Dolmades are the perfect party food and can be prepped well ahead. These stuffed vine…

  • Moussaka

    Vegetarian Moussaka

    Our vegetarian Moussaka recipe is simple to make serving 4 people and ready in just 55…

  • Baklava recipe

    How to make baklava

    Let us show you how to make baklava in this simple recipe. Made from layers of filo pastry,…

  • Greek-style chicken and salad

    Greek-style stuffed chicken and salad

    Greek-style stuffed chicken is made with spinach and feta and a mixed veg salad for a…

  • Greek-style lamb burgers

    Greek-style lamb burgers

    Greek-style lamb burgers are quick and easy to make with a spicy twist, served with…

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