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  • halloumi burger

    Halloumi burgers

    Our halloumi burgers are a refreshing Greek burger recipe with peppers and a yoghurt sauce that puts a Mediterranean twist on dinner. These halloumi burgera are a fantastic and exciting recipe with roasted red peppers and a minty yoghurt sauce, giving you a fresh and zesty treat. Instead of grilling the halloumi on a pan, why not try placing it on the barbecue instead and charring them slightly to give a smoky flavour. To liven up your halloumi burger, why not add a little bit of lemon zest into your tzatziki or mint and natural yogurt sauce. Serve these halloumi burgers with some delicious baked courgette chips, or a fresh and herby tomato salad to up your vegetable intake for the day, and as a healthy alternative to chips.

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  • stuffed vine leaves

    Stuffed vine leaves

    Stuffed vine leaves are a delicious authentic Greek dish. These flavour packed parcels are often served as part of a Greek mezze platter. The vine leaves are filled with a mix of rice and fresh herbs, and can come in either vegetarian or meat filled varieties. Our vegetarian stuffed vine leaves are filled with a simple but mouth watering mix of rice, oregano and halloumi. Halloumi is a semi- hard, salty cheese that is popular in Greek and Cypriot cuisine. Itís firm texture makes it the perfect cheese for vegetarian alternatives. Once youíve tried some in this recipe, why not explore other ways to cook with halloumi, such as serving it grilled as a BBQ side dish. A Greek style mezze platter of flatbreads, dips, grilled vegetables and stuffed vine leaves is a great sharing starter for dinner parties, or sharing appetizer for drinks parties. These stuffed vine leaves pair wonderfully with tzatziki, a Greek yoghurt based dip, or with a rich tomato dipping sauce.

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  • lamb souvlaki

    Lamb souvlaki

    Lamb souvlaki is a Greek dish of skewered grilled meat that is marinated to make it extra juicy and packed with flavour. Souvlaki is one of the most popular Greek street food dishes, and when you taste our lamb souvlaki, itís easy to see why! This traditional Greek kebab method can be used with different types of meat, fish, or vegetables. Weíve used lamb in our souvlaki as it is so rich and tender, and soaks up the marinade perfectly. A kebab may be a takeaway favourite, but making your own lamb souvlaki is a much fresher, healthier and more flavourful way to enjoy this much loved dish. These succulent skewers of meat are perfect for summer barbecues, or make a great lunch when served in a fresh pita with tzatziki and salad. You can make your own tzaziki using yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, and lemon, but it is also available to buy in most supermarkets. Make a crowd pleasing Greek supper this week, and let these lamb souvlaki skewers be the stars of the show.

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  • spanakopita


    Spanakopita is a traditional Greek pie made with layers of crisp flaky filo pastry filled with a mixture of spinach, ricotta cheese and Feta cheese. Serve it as a main course with salad or as a starter with olives and tomatoes. Filo pastry is easy to use and is a lighter alternative to shortcrust and puff pastry as long as you don't brush it too liberally with butter. When using filo pastry keep it covered with cling film until you are ready to use it otherwise the sheets will dry out very quickly and break into pieces. This tasty spanakopita recipe makes the perfect party food for guests to nibble on when cut into bite-sized pieces.

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  • Moussaka

    Classic Moussaka

    Our classic Moussaka recipe is so easy to make at home. If youíve ever eaten in a Greek restaurant or better still, in Greece itself, then youíll know just how mouth-watering a good moussaka can be. If youíve never tried moussaka, then now is your chance to be impressed. With layers of tender aubergine, flavoured minced lamb or beef, potatoes and white sauce, itís a little like a Greek version of lasagne. For a slightly lower fat version, slice the aubergines and place on non-stick baking paper. Brush with a little olive oil and roast until golden. This recipe serves 4 people and will take around 1hr and 20 mins to prepare and make. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days once cooled completely. Make sure its piping hot before serving again. Perfect for winter or summer serve with a tasty Greek salad and enjoy!

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  • Dolmades


    Dolmades are the perfect party food and can be prepped well ahead. These stuffed vine leaves are a traditional Greek recipe made with deliciously soft rice, loads of fresh herbs and dried fruit for a beautiful balance of sweet and savoury. We've made ours vegetarian but you can change the filling depending on what you fancy. Fried off minced lamb mixed through the rice and finished with the fragrant herbs is also absolutely delicious in dolmades. We like to pop these into lunch boxes for something different during the week, when we're sick of salads and sandwiches - they're ideal for eating with your hands!

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  • Moussaka

    Vegetarian Moussaka

    Our vegetarian Moussaka recipe is simple to make serving 4 people and ready in just 55 mins. The Greek classic tastes as good made with vegetables as it does with the usual minced lamb. This traditional bake is made with layers of aubergine, a rich tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. It's a great way of sneaking vegetables into your family's diet too as the sauce and heaps of cheese disguise the veg nicely. If you have any leftovers store in an airtight container for up to 2 days and make sure you reheat thoroughly before serving. A portion of this delicious bake works out at 572 calories per serving.

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  • Baklava recipe

    How to make baklava

    Let us show you how to make baklava in this simple recipe. Made from layers of filo pastry, sweet and sticky honey and plenty of chopped nuts it's perfect for an afternoon treat or dainty dessert. We've added a few spices to give our baklava recipe a fragrant edge that makes it so moreish. Making 36 squares this recipe is ideal for whipping up at the start of the week to see you through to the weekend. Kids will love a little slice after school and you can enjoy one with a cuppa once everyone else is in bed! Once you've made this simple sweet once it'll become a firm favourite thanks to its easy method and quick results.

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  • Greek-style chicken and salad

    Greek-style stuffed chicken and salad

    Greek-style stuffed chicken is made with spinach and feta and a mixed veg salad for a healthy dinner that's just 313 calories and ready in 30 mins. It's full of lovely light flavours, including tingly mint and sweet shallot - if the mint is a bit strong for you, try basil instead. Make it fresh and serve straight away, drizzled with juices from the pan.

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  • Greek-style lamb burgers

    Greek-style lamb burgers

    Greek-style lamb burgers are quick and easy to make with a spicy twist, served with garlicky yogurt, crunchy cucumber and salad leaves in a toasted bun. You'd be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at serving burgers with yogurt, but don't be put off - it's a winning formula. These easy lamb burgers with a twist will please the whole family.

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  • Taramasalata

    Smoked salmon taramasalata

    This smoky spin on a classic taramasalata is a tasty light lunch with warm pita bread and salad or can be a speedy starter served on bread for unexpected guests. Try leaving off the salmon caviar for the kids if they're not too keen on strong flavours. It will only take you ten minutes to whip this delicious dip and so is an ideal standby recipe!

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  • Htipiti

    Red pepper and feta cheese dip

    This classic Greek dip called htipiti is simple-to-make and bursting with flavour. the salty cheese and sweet peppers in the recipe make for a real winning combination. It can be made as part of a larger mezze plate- try serving it with hummus, toasted pita breads and olives for a starter that will stretch round lots of people. It is best eaten as soon as possible but will keep in the fridge for a day or 2 if well covered.

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