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    • Joe Wicks Superfood salad bowl

      Joe Wicks' Veggie Super Bowl

      This Joe Wicks vegetarian dish is a delicious choice for an easy-to-make, nutritious lunch. Using lentils and chickpeas, this veggie lunch recipe is packed with healthy protein that will keep you full, which is a massive help if you're a fan of snacking but want to shed the pounds. The best part about Joe Wicks' Veggie Super Bowl, also known as the Body Coach, is that it takes no time to cook - all you need 15 mins and you'll have a homemade meal that's packed with goodness. This dish is veggie but we bet any carnivore will also love it - and it's especially great if you want to add more veg to your diet. Joe Wicks says: 'Here's a vegetarian meal that is packed full of goodness and flavour. It makes a great lunch on the go, so box it up and carry it to work for the win.'

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    • Wholemeal pancakes

      Wholemeal pancakes

      Wholemeal pancakes are lower in fat than your usual pancake and this healthy wholemeal pancake recipe is perfect for a healthy breakfast or snack. One of the reasons these wholemeal pancakes are so great for you is because wholemeal foods keeps you fuller for longer, so you won't feel the need to snack until your next meal. For these wholemeal pancakes, we also used semi-skimmed milk, so you can enjoy them Pancake Day - or any other time - without feeling guilty. This recipe makes 8 regular sized pancakes and will take only 10 mins to cook up a batch. They're a great alternative to your regular pancake mix, especially if you're trying to be healthy. It takes only 3 ingredients to make these pancakes too which means they're so easy to make, even the kids could join in. If you think you're going to be in a bit of a rush before you want to serve these then simply make them up ahead of time, they reheat beautifully and nobody will be able to tell the difference. You can also make the batter ahead and keep the mixture in the fridge until you're ready to whip them up. We think the best way to serve up wholemeal pancakes is with homemade compote and fresh berries to make them extra delicious!

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    • Stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella

      Stuffed peppers are always a delicious recipe to whip after a busy day. This delicious stuffed peppers recipe looks impressive but it's so easy to make! A colourful Mediterranean-style dish with sun blushed tomatoes and melting mozzarella, you can trusts us when we say it tastes as good as it looks! Not only does a portion of this recipe equal one of your 5-a-day, it also works out at only 315 calories and 0.4g salt per serving. These stuffed peppers are ideal for lunch with a salad or served for dinner with new potatoes and fresh greens. Ready in just 30 mins, our stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella are vegetarian-friendly and are sure to tempt children with their vibrant colours and tasty flavours too.

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    • Joe Wicks Chicken pie

      Joe Wicks' chicken pie

      Joe Wicks' chicken pie is one of our favourite Lean in 15 recipes. This healthy chicken pie takes a bit longer to make than the usual 15 mins, but it's a meal you can easily serve to friends and family, even if they're not following the Lean in 15 programme. Joe opted to make this chicken pie with filo pastry as it's not as thick as puff pastry and has less fat, so it's definitely a much healthier option. This Lean in 15 chicken pie is high in protein due to the breast fillets, which are also the healthier type of chicken meat. If you're looking for a healthier version of the traditional chicken pie, Joe Wicks' chicken pie is exactly the dish you should be making - and it's so delicious too! This Lean in 15 chicken pie serves 4 people, and you can also make a fresh salad or steam some veg as a side dish, to help up your 5-a-day intake. Joe Wicks says: 'If you love chicken pie, this recipe wont disappoint. Its actually Lean in about 60 minutes, but is such a nice treat that you wont mind the extra effort. Plus, theres cream and butter in it, so you know its going to taste incredible.'

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    • Hairy Bikers' Spanish chicken bake

      Spanish chicken is a lovely dish to whip up when you want a filling yet delicious meal, and this Hairy Bikers' Spanish chicken bake recipe is the perfect one-pot wonder. The Hairy Bikers have captured the classic flavours of Spain in one dish - and it's one of their diet dishes too! At just 370 calories per serving, you'd think this Hairy Bikers Spanish chicken would be lacking in flavour - far from it! The powerful flavours of paprika and chorizo give the chicken a lovely Spanish twist. This delicious Spanish chicken bake serves 4 people and will take about 1hr and 15 mins to make in total. Its well worth the wait! The Hairy Bikers use chicken thighs in this recipe to cut down the cost but feel free to use your favourite cut of chicken instead e.g. chicken breast or drumsticks. And the best thing about this Spanish chicken recipe - it's all made in one pot! Less washing up and a delicious family meal - what more could you want? This Spanish chicken recipe is part of the Hairy Dieters series.

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    • Mushroom soup

      Mushroom soup is a really easy and simple soup recipe to make and can be on the table in under an hour. You can make this homemade mushroom soup recipe in just three steps. This creamy mushroom soup will take around 35 mins to prepare and cook and serves 2 people. Look out for value packs of mushrooms to use if you're planning to prepare this mushroom soup they dont need to be perfect looking or all the same shape. Large open cup or brown cap mushrooms will give the best flavour, simply wipe with a damp piece of kitchen paper to remove any bits of earth before frying there is no need to wash them. Double or triple the quantities if you're feeding more people with this creamy mushroom soup recipe. Leftovers can be frozen or stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 2 days. This mushroom soup recipe is also a healthy option for dinner or lunch, with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are great for your health like selenium and iron. Serve with thick slices of sourdough bread so you can dunk them in this tasty soup.

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    • green soup

      Vibrant green soup

      This green soup will give you a real health boost. Packed with peas, broccoli, spinach, basil and soya beans this green soup is bursting with nutrients. From magnesium-rich spinach which helps with healthy bones to broccoli which is full of fibre, vitamin C, A and K. Soya foods are naturally low in saturated fat, which helps to lower cholesterol. The special proteins in soya also seem to help the body regulate cholesterol. Studies show that you may be able to reduce cholesterol by around 6% by including 15g of soya a day in your diet. Choose from soya alternatives to milk and yogurt, tofu and beans, as we have here. Our green soup is comforting and warm and is great if youre feeling under the weather or want to eat something to warn off a cold! Weve blended half the soup and returned it to the pan with the rest for a thick, chunky finish but if you prefer a smooth soup you could blend it all. This one pan wonder is quick and easy to make and is great for the whole family. By blending the vegetables you can trick the fussy eaters into eating more veg than they would normally agree to. It can be prepared ahead and warmed through when needed.

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    • healthy fish fingers

      Healthy fish fingers

      These healthy fish fingers are a great homemade twist on a frozen family favourite. You can freeze the uncooked, coated healthy fish fingers and cook them from frozen. Simply add 5 mins to the cooking time. That way they are just as convenient as shop bought fish fingers but will taste heaps better and they are much healthier. Our salmon fish fingers are coated in oats, which are rich in a soluble fibre called beta glucan. Once eaten, this glucan forms a gel that helps bind cholesterol in the intestine and prevents it from being absorbed. This recipe is a fantastic way to increase your intake of oily fish and it is perfect for fussy eaters. We have served our healthy fish fingers with courgette but if you wanted to have a treat, try them served with chips and peas. Its still healthier than takeaway fish and chips without compromising on flavour.

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      Green hummus

      Our vibrant green hummus is brighter than the usual beige variety and is packed with flavour. This green hummus takes your snacking game to new heights and it will give you a real health boost at the same time. By making your own green hummus you can be confident that the flavours and colours are 100 per cent natural, as you know exactly what has gone into it. Your saturated fats intake should be no more than 20g a day for women and 30g for men but its also important to include modest amounts of unsaturated fat, such as olive oil, rapeseed, sunflower, corn, nut and seed oil, too. Avocados and oily fish are also great sources. The avocado in this green hummus recipe adds a lovely smooth rich finish, it is a great way to convert anyone sceptical of them as it is blended with the other ingredients and is super subtle. We served the hummus with baby carrots, radishes, celery and soda bread but you can dunk with whatever you fancy. Why not try sliced peppers, breadsticks, baked tortillas or cucumber batons.

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    • Joe Wicks and his magic trees

      Lean in 15 recipes: Joe Wicks' Body Coach meal ideas

      From lunch and dinner ideas to delicious snack recipes, you'll love these healthy recipes...

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    • Slimming World tomato soup

      Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup

      Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup recipe is a really easy and delicious soup that takes hardly any time to rustle up. This Slimming World tomato soup is ideal for lunch and can be made in batches too - perfect if you're trying to save time and money. This tasty soup is made with chopped tomatoes, infused with garlic and topped with a generous swirl of low-fat natural fromage frais. This Slimming World tomato soup saves 4 people and will take around 35 mins to make. Leftovers can be frozen and saved for future use. Leave to defrost in the fridge over night before reheating thoroughly. Serve with homemade crusty bread or garlic bread for a naughty treat.

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    • cauliflower kedgeree

      Spicy cauliflower kedgeree

      Cauliflower kedgeree is a twist on the classic rice-based dish that weve lightened up by using cauliflower. Kedgeree is a curried rice dish with smoked fish, parsley, and eggs. Weve omitted the eggs to keep things simple, and used a mix of basmati rice and blended cauliflower to recreate the flavours of a kedgeree while making it a dish that is a bit different. Cauliflower kedgeree is a healthy and flavourful fish dish that makes a great light lunch or simple supper. Why not try serving it with a take on a raita made with Greek yoghurt, mint, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper. We used frozen smoked haddock fillets to make this cauliflower kedgeree, which help to keep costs low!

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    • 22 low syn foods you'll only know if you're on the Slimming World plan

      Taking part in the Slimming World plan? Starting to notice that it's taking over your shopping lists and kitchen cupboards? Don't worry, you're not the only one.

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    • Slimming World's chicken and potato curry

      Slimming World's chicken curry recipe is one of our favourite delicious and simple-to-make Slimming World curry recipes! Its guilt-free too, making it the perfect Saturday night alternative to a takeaway. This Slimming World curry is easy to make, and it's ready to be eaten in less than hour. Curry is one the nation's favourite meals and it's not off the menu if you're counting the calories. Diet club Slimming World have taken the classic dish and made it nice and healthy, and the best part is that it has not lost out on any of the flavour. The main way this Slimming World curry recipe is better for you in terms of calories is that its not made with coconut milk or any other liquids that can add more calories to a curry its simply cooked with water but it still taste absolutely delicious. This Slimming World curry recipe is so tasty, even those not following the diet can enjoy it, so you dont have to cook two meals if youre following the Slimming World plan. The potato in the mix means you don't need to serve it with rice and sides. This Slimming World chicken curry serves 4 people and should take approximately 40 minutes to make. If youre craving curry, make this light and tasty Slimming World chicken curry instead of getting a takeaway its a lot healthier and cheaper. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up 2 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving this Slimming World curry.

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    • 5:2 diet meal plans: What to eat for 500 calorie fast days

      The fast days are undoubtedly the hardest part of the 5:2 diet but we're here to show you that it doesn't have to be a food-free day. There are many different ways to eat your 500 calories on your fast days...

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    • healthy pizza

      Healthy pizza

      Our healthy pizza will satisfy your pizza cravings without breaking the diet! Weve used a wholemeal pizza base to give you plenty of fibre, and rolled it out really thin to make a large healthy pizza to share, or two smaller pizzas. Reducing the size of your pizza is a great way to stick to your diet and still enjoy your favourite foods. Making your own tomato sauce cuts sugar and calories, and using just a scattering of mozzarella cuts the fat content, whilst giving you the cheesy pizza fix youre craving. Good-for-you toppings like spinach, onion and mushrooms add nutritional value and flavour without upping the calorie count too much. This healthy pizza has a beautifully crisp base, making it taste much more like a real pizza than ones made from cauliflower or tortillas. This veg-packed healthy pizza proves you can still enjoy your favourite comfort foods whilst watching what you eat.

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    • Lisa Riley Honesty Diet Skinny Turkey Burgers

      Lisa Riley's skinny turkey burgers

      These Lisa Riley skinny turkey burgers from her Honesty Diet are super lean and they are perfect for when you're looking for something that tastes like a treat, but won't ruin your healthy eating efforts. These Honesty turkey burgers from her Diet skinny book are served with chunky celeriac chips, a fun and inventive way to cook a vegetable you might not use all the time. When the weather warms up these burgers would also be fantastic on the barbecue!

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    • lisa riley honesty diet super simple kedgeree

      Lisa Riley' super simple kedgeree

      Lisa Riley's super simple kedgeree from her Honesty Diet book makes a delicious breakfast or brunch treat but would also work well as a speedy lunch or light dinner. This recipe serves two but you could easily scale it up for four. It's simple to cook and can be thrown together in a hurry. What's great about the Lisa Riley Honesty Diet is that it is great tasty food that is also good for your body. So there is no need to feel like you're going without or having a restricted diet because there are so many varied options!

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