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    • Roasted Mediterranean vegetables

      Roasted Mediterranean vegetables

      Our roasted Mediterranean vegetables recipe is a great dish for the whole family. This roasted variety of Mediterranean vegetables is healthy and delicious. Serve with couscous and hummus dip. This recipe serves 4 people and will take around 1hr and 15 mins to prepare and cook. It's great for the summer months and all of these delicious, seasonal vegetables are perfect served alongside tender cooked steak, chicken breast or freshly prepare fish like cod or salmon.

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    • Cauliflower rice

      Cauliflower rice

      Love rice but trying to reduce the amount of carbs you eat? Meet your new best friend! Cauliflower rice is so simple to make and, when fried and added to your usual sauce, you won't be able to tell the difference! We actually think the subtle veggie flavour is better than usual rice - and it's one of your 5-a-day!

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    • Chicken enchiladas

      Rosemary Conley's chicken enchiladas

      These delicious, easy chicken enchiladas from Rosemary Conley are quick and easy and the whole family will love them. The perfect Friday night dinner! This recipe serves 4 people and will take only 55 mins to prepare and cook. At only 234 calories, this classic Mexican dish is sure to become a family favourite. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving. This delicious one-pot bake would be perfect served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Refried beans make an extra side for this dish too! If you want to make these enchiladas vegetarian friendly, remove the chicken and replace with kidney beans. These low-cal chicken enchiladas are ideal if you're trying to be good too!

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    • Greek grain salad

      Greek-style Buddha bowl

      Greek-style Buddha bowl is a fab mix of halloumi, avocado, olives, veg and a pouch of mixed grains for a really healthy and balanced meal in one bowl. It just goes to show that salads don't have to be boring! Salads are about so much more than just plain leaves - you can use a microwavable pouch of mixed grains in this one (it's so much easier than having to boil them yourself, even if it is a bit of a cheat!), as well as halloumi cheese for a really filling meal. Enjoy this recipe with hummus, cucumber and a red pepper for a really colourful and nutritious meal

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    • Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

      Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

      Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry recipe is the perfect quick and easy dinner from The Hairy Bikers' show, The Hairy Dieters. This delicious recipe takes a classic dish and reduces the calories to turn it into a healthy family meal. Serving 4 people, each portion of this delicious curry works out at only 283 calories per serving without rice. If you'd like to serve this curry with rice, we'd recommend jasmine rice or basmati rice. Aim to cook no more than 50g per person, so 200g in all. Press the freshly boiled rice into a 200ml metal pudding basin mould that youíve oiled lightly and lined with cling film, then turn out into the bowls before adding the hot curry. You only need 1 basin or mould as you can reuse it for all the servings

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    • Chicken soup from stock

      Chicken soup

      This easy and delicious chicken soup recipe is a real classic. You'll want to make it over again. This recipe is great for using up leftover chicken. This recipe serves 6-8 people and takes around 3hrs to prepare and slow cook for the best flavour. A deliciously warm pick-me-up for when you're feeling under the weather, this comforting chicken soup recipe almost makes feeling ill worthwhile! The chicken in this recipe will keep you fuller for longer thanks to the protein in the chicken, add heaps of veggies counting towards your 5-a-day and you've got one healthy option for lunch time. This soup can be frozen in portions on the day it's made and can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 days in the fridge. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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    • Spring chicken tray bake with green vegetables

      Spring chicken tray bake with green vegetables

      Spring chicken tray bake with green vegetables is so easy to make in 30 mins but good for you too, plus it's under 300 calories per portion! You can easily use boneless chicken thighs if you're cooking for kids, so you don't have to bother with stripping the meat off the bone. You can just as easily throw in some asparagus if you've got it at home, or any other seasonal greens you might have in the fridge. This is a simple midweek dinner that comes together in only 30 mins.

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    • Harvester's royal chicken crown salad

      Fresh and simple ingredients make the best salads. Our favourite combo at the moment is from Harvesterís salad bar Ė delicious chargrilled chicken on a bed of crunchy salad thatís easy to make and full of flavour. Featuring chargrilled chicken, refreshing cucumber, iceberg lettuce, slices of sweet yellow and red pepper and a sprinkling of soft raisins, Harvesterís royal chicken crown salad is perfect for a light lunch or a healthy dinner. Harvesterís salad expert Chris Griffin created this delicious recipe from its famous salad bar to celebrate the Queenís 90th birthday and now you can re-create it at home, or make it for yourself at your local Harvester salad bar. With more than 16 fresh ingredients on offer, there are endless salad combos to try that will delight your taste buds.

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    • Tomato soup

      This classic tomato soup recipe is the perfect recipe to whip up on a cold winter's evening, for a starter at a dinner party or special occassion, or maybe you just fancy a lighter dinner than usual but still want lots of nutrients. Packed with fresh tomatoes, not only is this a quick soup recipe, it's healthy and filling too. Not only that, but the kids are guaranteed to love it - who doesn't like a classic tomato soup? So easy to make that we dare say, you'll never buy tinned tomato soup again. Top off with a dollop of cream fraiche, a sprinkle of black pepper and some garnish if you have any to hand. Serve with a chunk of warm fresh bread.

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    • 7 easy ways to make your lunchbox salads special

      Lunchbox salads can be healthy, delicious and filling Ė but there is a knack to giving them the wow factor so you donít end up with boxes of limp and lifeless leaves in your handbag or picnic box.

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    • Weight Watchers halloumi burger

      Weight Watchers halloumi burgers

      Weight Watchers halloumi burgers are super easy to make and taste delicious too. If you're looking for something different to make for dinner tonight these burgers should do the trick. These healthy vegetarian burgers are made with tofu, veggies and halloumi cheese - perfect for a tasty lunch or dinner. They would also make the perfect alternative to a beef burger if you're hosting a BBQ. Serve with fresh salad leaves. This recipe makes 8 burgers and takes around 40 mins to prepare and cook them. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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    • Sweet potato falafel with herby couscous and pepper sauce

      Falafel with herby couscous and pepper sauce

      Falafel with herby couscous and pepper sauce makes a filling vegetarian meal and an exciting way to try falafel. The sweet potatoes add extra sweetness and flavour, but go so well with the zingy sauce. The falafels are just as nice hot or cold, so you can either eat them right away, or you can stick them in a tupperware box and enjoy them for lunch the next day. You can easily scale up the ingredients to make more if you're feeding a family, or if you simply want to have enough leftover so you can have them the next day

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    • Crispy fish tacos with coleslaw

      Crispy fish tacos with coleslaw

      Crispy fish tacos with zingy coleslaw make a Mexican-inspired dinner that everyone can make themselves at the table, full of bright colours and flavours. You might never have thought to try this with readymade fish goujons, but you'll come back to this recipe again and again once you've tried it. The zingy coleslaw is much lighter than a classic coleslaw recipe as it doesn't use mayonnaise - and the lime and chillies add plenty of zing and kick. Serve with a starter or guacamole and tortilla chips and you'll have yourself a Mexican feast!

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    • Baked aubergine

      Learn how to make this healthy baked and roasted aubergine veggie dish with our easy step-by-step recipe video. Your family will find it so tasty - they won't realise they're eating veg! This recipe serves 4 people and will take around 35 mins to make in total. A portion of these delicious roasted aubergine works out at only 81 calories per serving - perfect if you're calorie counting and trying to be good. Our easy to follow video recipe makes this delicious dish even easier to make. Serve your roasted aubergine with new potatoes or rice and a freshly prepared salad.

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    • Bacon and egg stuffed peppers

      Bacon and egg stuffed peppers

      This recipe for baked stuffed red peppers is a classic Woman's Weekly recipe from 1958. Stuff the peppers with bacon, egg and breadrumbs and sprinkle with plenty of cheese. These roasted peppers serves 6 people and will take around 1hr and 15 mins to prepare and cook. These delicious peppers work out at only 240 calories per serving - ideal if you're counting calories or looking for a healthy dinner recipe the whole family can enjoy. The delicious breakfast combo of the bacon and eggs means you can enjoy these peppers anytime of day. How about a hearty brunch, healthy lunch or light dinner.

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    • Pesto Roasted Vegetables

      Pesto roasted vegetables

      It's so easy to cook roasted vegetables. This recipe takes this method to the next level by adding delicious pesto to the mix. Pesto gives a wonderfully rich texture to this quick veggie side dish - and adds an Italian flavour to Sunday lunch. This simple recipe serves 4 people and will take only 30 mins to cook in the oven. Toss freshly prepared courgette, pepper, leek and aubergine in delicious basil and enjoy with chicken, fish or a nice cut of steak.

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    • Slimming World tomato soup

      Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup

      Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup recipe is a really easy and delicious soup that takes hardly any time to rustle up. It's ideal for lunch and can be made in batches too - perfect if you're trying to save time and money. This tasty soup is made with chopped tomatoes, infused with garlic and topped with a generous swirl of low-fat natural fromage frais. This soup saves 4 people and will take around 35 mins to make. Leftovers can be frozen and saved for future use. Leave to defrost in the fridge over night before reheating thoroughly. Serve with homemade crusty bread or garlic bread for a naughty treat.

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    • Slimming World's spicy chicken, spinach and potato curry

      Slimming World's chicken and potato curry

      Slimming World's chicken and potato curry recipe is so delicious and simple to make and guilt-free too making it the perfect Saturday night alternative to a takeaway. Curry is one the nation's favourite meals and it's not off the menu if you're counting the calories. Diet club Slimming World have taken the classic dish and made it nice and healthy - without losing out on any of the flavour. This recipe is so delicious, even those not following the diet can enjoy it. The potato in the mix means you don't need to serve it with rice and sides. This recipe serves 4 people and should take approximately 40 mins to make. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up 2 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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