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  • Flexitarian mushroom, lentil and aubergine lasagne

    Lentil lasagne with mushrooms and aubergines

    This hearty vegetarian mushroom, lentil and aubergine lasagna is made with fresh pasta sheets and veggies in mind. This recipe is easy to follow, just layer in your lentils, aubergine and mushrooms spinach and cheese sauce and cook for 30 minutes before tucking in. We love that this recipe is really simple to give your own twist, depending on what you fancy (or what's in the fridge!). Meaty veggies like peppers and courgettes also work well in a lentil lasagne and could be substituted in their place if you prefer. When you're ready to serve we think garlic bread and a large green salad is the perfect accompaniment to this lentil lasagne.

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  • Vegetarian pie

    Vegetarian pie

    A vegetarian pie is one of the most delicious ways to pack in plenty of your five-a-day, made with sweet roasted veggies and nutty lentils. This vegetarian pie recipe is so simple to make, thanks to a little help from some ready-made pastry and of course plenty of tasty veg. We've used Mediterranean-style veggies but feel free to swap in anything you have in the fridge - peas, aubergine and carrots all work well too. If you want to make sure this is vegan then just check the ingredients in the filo pastry you're using, other than that it's animal-product free. Serve this delicious vegetarian pie up with a side salad for a healthy and hearty meal.

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  • Moroccan red lentil and lamb stew

    Moroccan red lentil and lamb stew

    Moroccan red lentil and lamb stew is a family friendly dish that works perfectly for a weekend meal. We love the exotic mix of spices that give this stew it's authentic Moroccan flavour. Red lentils are a healthy pulse that fill you up without adding lots of calories! The combination of the tender lamb and the lentils is a warming dinner that can be enjoyed served with couscous or on it's own for a lunchtime soup. The lentils are delicious and nutritious too!

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  • Lentil and bacon soup

    This lentil and bacon soup recipe is a delicious lunch time option. Serving 4-6 people, this mouth-watering recipe is packed full of lentils which will keep you fuller for longer and bacon which adds a great depth of flavour to the soup. A hearty, healthy soup that all the family will love - and you can keep it for up to three months frozen, too. Just reheat it when you need a quick supper! This recipe takes 1hr to slow cook this luxurious soup dish. A portion of this dish works out at only 240 calories and 10g of fat per portion.

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  • Easy prawn and lentil curry

    Easy prawn and lentil curry

    Easy prawn and lentil curry is one of our favourite options for when you're in a hurry! It's really filling, healthy and so easy to make. Lentils are high in fibre and have so many nutrients, they're a low-calorie pulse and have virtually no fat so you can't go wrong with them! This curry is the perfect recipe for a speedy dinner or lunch, but it's actually just as nice if you want to leave the prawns out and have it as a side dish to an Indian feast. Depending on how much heat you can handle, you might want to leave the chilli out, or you can add more if you like your curry a bit more fiery!

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  • lentil and carrot soup

    Spiced carrot and lentil soup

    A delicious, spicy lentil and carrot soup is the perfect lunch-time snack if you're watching your weight. At just 179 calories this tasty soup is a diet must-have, but it's so filling and delicious, you could just as easily make it to feed a family. This recipe only serves two, so if you're making it for the family, make sure to double up the ingredients to have enough for four people. It's a really nice, filling meal that's easy to make and inexpensive too. You should already have a lot of the ingredients at home, so you won't necessarily even do a shop for them. It's got a really nice, vibrant colour to it too, which will appeal to a lot of kids and get them eating their veg. It takes only 40 minutes to make this recipe so you can enjoy it any night of the week.

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  • Pumpkin and orange soup

    Pumpkin and orange soup

    This amber-coloured, velvety soup is perfect for lunch with your favourite bread, or as a starter with crème fraiche and toasted pumpkin seeds.

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  • Sweet potato, Lentil and Spinach bowl

    Sweet potato, lentil and spinach bowl

    This simple veggie goodness bowl is perfect for a comforting night in. The sweet potato wedges are soft and have a lovely middle eastern feel to them. This sits well with the juicy lentils and iron rich spinach. It's filling, tasty and has a nice kick to it.

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  • Mexican Salmon, Lentil and Quinoa Bowl

    Mexican salmon, lentil and quinoa bowl

    There is nothing like Mexican food to greet you after a hard day's work. This mexican bowl is packed full of protein from the salmon and quinoa and topped off with some fresh herbs and yogurt.

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  • Vegetable and lentil pie

    Vegetable and lentil pie

    You won't miss the meat in this tasty pie with filling lentils and healthy veggies all combined in a nice tomato sauce and topped with smooth creamy mash. It makes a delicious comfort food dinner, full of healthy vitamins and minerals. You can cool, cover and freeze this dish for up to 3 months too, defrost overnight in the fridge and heat through thoroughly at tea time. If you shop carefully you can make this meal for six people for just £1.98 with your store cupboard staples thrown in.

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  • Bacon, chilli and lentil stew

    Bacon, chilli and lentil stew

    For days when you’re looking for something quick and warming to eat whilst looking to serve something a little different from your normal repertoire. This recipe is perfect for feeding many hungry mouths or for making a big batch to freeze for even quicker meals in the days to come.

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  • Cheesy lentil cottage pie

    Cheesy lentil cottage pie

    If you're trying to cut down on the amount of red meat you eat then why not swap the mince in your favourite cottage pie for lentils? They taste surprisingly meaty and count towards your 5-a-day. This recipe is also packed full of vegetables - a great way to sneak a few more into your little one's diet! The pie is topped with deliciously crispy and cheesy mash. We've used tinned lentils to speed up the cooking times and help you get this in the oven in time for dinner. Serve portions of your lentil cottage pie with a nice big squirt of brown sauce.

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