Mint recipes

  • Carrot and mint soup

    Carrot and mint soup

    This carrot and mint soup makes a refreshing starter that's light on the palate. Ideal for…

  • Nadiya's no-bake mint Oreo cheesecake

    Nadiya Hussain's No-bake mint Oreo cheesecake

    No-bake mint Oreo cheesecake is a stunning recipe that takes only 30 minutes of prep and…

  • Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream

    Mint choc chip ice-cream

    Make your own mint choc chip ice-cream at home with this traditional recipe

  • Quinoa and halloumi

    Quinoa with halloumi

    Quinoa is a healthy, wheat-free grain that's perfect in salads. Just add some delicious…

  • Fizzy fruit salad

    Fizzy fruit salad

    This is a light, refreshing “get up and go” breakfast, perfect for serving as a starter at…

  • Mint chocolate mousse recipe

    Mint choc mousse

    Velvety smooth chocolate mousse makes a deliciously sophisticated dinner party dessert.…

  • Apple mint jelly

    Apple and mint jelly

    Serve this sweet and fragrant apple and fresh mint jelly with roast lamb. Making your own…

  • Peppermint Slice, Using 4 ingredients, recipes

    Peppermint slice

    A simple chocolate treat the kids will love - this old classic will bring memories flooding…

  • Lime juice and lemonade cooler

    Lime cooler

    Try this delicious citrus thirst-quencher from our friends at Woman's Weekly - perfect for…

  • Melonade

    Minty melonade

    Cool off this summer with a glass of minty melonade. Made with refreshing watermelon and…

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