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  • Malteser cheesecake

    Lorraine Pascale's easy Maltesers cheesecake

    This easy cheesecake recipe is really simple to make and features everyone's favourite chocolate treat - Maltesers! So what's not to love? This easy cheesecake recipe is a wickedly crunchy vanilla cheesecake which uses crushed Maltesers in the base as well as in the creamy filling. This simple cheesecake recipe perfect for parties, because of its fun twist and mouthwatering flavour - everyone will go nuts for this chocolatey treat! You can also serve this no bake cheesecake for pudding after a nice meal, as it will serve 6-8 people. Lorraine Pascale's Maltesers cheesecake may take a little time to make and chill but this dessert is well worth the wait. Store this cheesecake in the fridge and eat within 2 days. This cheesecake is best made, served and eaten on the same day, but you probably won't have any leftovers anyway! Decorate this cheesecake with plenty of Maltesers and serve with a dash of cream or more Maltesers - the choice is yours!

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  • Maltesers bites

    If you love Maltesers then these bars are a must try! Crushed Maltesers and Rice Krispies are stirred through smooth melted chocolate then topped with white chocolate and decorated with yet more Maltesers. The kids can get hands on with this easy no-bake recipe and they will be so proud of the end result. These Maltesers bars are easy to make, easy to slice and all too easy to eat!

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  • Rocky road

    Rocky road is a firm favourite when it comes to sweet treats and you can learn how to make it with our easy rocky road recipe. This timeless treat is a simple yet delicious way to please every sweet-tooth in the family, and you can follow our simple step-by-step video recipe. The best thing about rocky road recipe is that it requires no baking so you can easily make it with the kids and spend some fun times in the kitchen. All you need to do is melt some chocolate, allow to cool, then pour it over your favourite naughty treats and set - simple! Plus you only need seven ingredients, and you can use biscuits or chocolates you have in the house. You can make it in just 45 minutes, and then all you have to do is wait for the rocky road to chill. Two hours should be enough for it to set but you can leave for longer or even overnight if you make it the day before. This recipe for rocky road uses Maltesers, marshmallows and ginger biscuits but you can swap or add pretty much any sweet ingredients you like – perfect time to let the kids use their imagination. This recipe makes 16 rocky road bars, which are well worth the wait. Perfect as a food gift wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon, and even better for birthday parties – kids and grown-ups will go nuts for this rocky road recipe!

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  • Mars bar cake

    Mars bar cakes

    Mars bar cakes are the perfect naughty treat to make with the kids. Quick, tasty and best of all you don't need to cook them. Because these Mars bar cakes are so easy to make, you can get the little ones to help you make them. Get their help with mixing the melted chocolate with the Rice Krispies and then patting the mixture into a lined tin - they'll love giving you a hand. Prepping these little sweet treats only takes 10 mins, so it's a quick recipe to make with the kids as they won't get bored. You need to leave the mixture to set for 30 minutes, so make sure you've got something to distract the kids with because they'll definitely want to eat it right away! You'll only need five ingredients to make this Mars bar recipe, including 5 Mars bars and Rice Krispies. This Mars bar cakes recipe makes serves 6, but you can easily double up the quantities if you need to feed more people - perhaps you're having friends round for a a little afternoon treat?

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  • Chocolate and coconut bounty slice

    Coconut slice with chocolate and Bounty bars

    If you like chocolate Bounty bars then you're going to love this easy coconut slice. Made from an indulgent mix of fruit, coconut and chocolate it couldn't be easier to whip up - the ingredients are just a few store cupboard staples and some chocolate and it takes all of 10 minutes to melt everything together. This coconut slice will need 3 hours to set, which is bad news for those of us who could tuck straight into the mixture while it's warm, but it will be worth the wait - trust us. Simply pile into a lined tin and wait for the fridge to do its work. When sliced through this simple coconut slice combines the flavours and textures of the tropics with toasted notes and a rich chocolatey hit. If you're feeling like you might just need to make it a little more indulgent you could add a splash of coconut liqueur for a grown up treat. We think this coconut slice is perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon, but we wouldn't tell if you tucked into it pre-lunch either, it's pretty hard to resist.

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  • Chocolate biscuit cake

    Chocolate biscuit cake

    A chocolate biscuit cake is a real classic, ready in minutes and so satisfying - it's one of the easiest sweet treats to make with kids. Our chocolate biscuit cake recipe is a no-cook cake made with crushed biscuits , butter, sugar and cocoa powder with the addition of walnuts and raisins. It's deal for a tea time treat for all the family, and goes perfectly with a cuppa. We also think this chocolatey little chap is great for packed lunches or picnics, and nobody needs to know how easy it was to put together. If you fancy mixing things up a little bit then try changing the ingredients in your chocolate biscuit cake to suit whatever you have in the cupboard, or to satisfy whatever craving you're having! Dried cranberries are great in it to add a little colour and we love trying all different biscuits, too, for a bit of a mix up on the same recipe.

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  • Easter nests

    Our classic Easter nests recipe is a must. Bring back memories mixing Shredded Wheat or Cornflakes with melted chocolate with this easy no-bake recipe. Easter nests are a classic treat for spring and the best thing about them is just how easy they are to make. Perfect for making with kids, all you need to do is melt a little chocolate and stir through a few ingredients and leave to set - simple! To make it even easier, we've created a step-by-step video guide for making perfect Easter nests - now all you have to do is decide what you'll put in the middle of the nests! This recipe makes 12 nests and will take around 15 mins to make plus chilling time. The kids are going to love making these tasty treats for Easter this year.

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  • No-bake Custard Cream cheesecake

    No-bake Custard Cream cheesecake

    No-bake Custard Cream cheesecake is our new favourite way with these classic biscuits. It's so simple to throw together, with Custard Creams whizzed to make the biscuit base as an alternative to digestive biscuits and a creamy custard cheesecake filling finished with real Custard Cream biscuits on top. This easy Custard Cream cheesecake recipe takes just 30 mins to prepare, then pop it in the fridge to set. It couldn't be simpler! This is a real wow-factor cheesecake to pull out on a special occasion.

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  • Mini Angel Delight cheesecakes

    Mini Angel Delight cheesecakes

    These mini Angel Delight cheesecakes are so easy to make and taste delicious too. Angel Delight is popular with children and adults alike, so these little cakes could become a new family favourite! A layer of Madeira is hidden under a tempting strawberry Angel Delight and cream cheese topping. These no-bake cheesecakes can be made in just a few moments and are a great way of getting young children involved in the kitchen. If you're looking for a way to entertain the little ones when you're stuck indoors, this is a great option as they're not only really easy to make but they're also super tasty so you can enjoy them once you're done making them!

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  • No-bake raspberry chocolate cupcakes

    No-bake raspberry chocolate cupcakes

    These cupcakes are a great recipe to make with the kids as they require no baking - you simply chill a mixture of Madeira cake, raspberries, chocolate and cream cheese with a few store cupboard ingredients. These tasty cupcakes are really easy to whip up and make a lovely treat in the afternoon with a cup of tea. Using fresh raspberries and cream cheese along with white chocolate, these cupcakes are lovely and fresh. This recipe makes eight cupcakes that don’t require any baking – so they’re even quicker to whip up. What more could you want?

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  • Lemon cheesecake

    Lemon cheesecake

    Lemon cheesecake is a refreshing lemon dessert, bursting with flavour and is super easy to make. Serving 12 people, this family-sized cheesecake is a classic. Once you've perfected this recipe, you'll want to make it time and time again. This recipe swaps the traditional Digestive biscuit base for a oaty HobNob base instead which works wonders with the lemon filling. Not only is this cheesecake made with fresh lemons, it's also made with lemon curd which makes it extra tangy and flavoursome. Store this cheesecake in the fridge and serve on the day you make it. A slice of this cheesecake works out at 522 calories per serving.

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  • Chocolate tiramisu cake

    Chocolate tiramisu cake

    This indulgent chocolate dessert can also be made a day ahead. Simply decorate with the cream and chocolate curls before serving. It’s a great dessert option to serve up if you’re entertaining as it’s completely stress free if you’ve got it ready in the fridge, and as this recipe serves 10, it stretches really far too. With Marsala wine and strong black coffee to add an extra layer of flavour, this dish will please anyone that tastes it!

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