Non-alcoholic cocktails recipes

  • Galaxy cocktail

    Chocolate cocktail

    This creamy, chocolatey, completely delicious non-alcoholic cocktail is perfect for kids,…

  • elderflower mocktail

    Elderflower mocktail

    An elderflower mocktail is a sweet and refreshing summer drink. This sparkling drink is a…

  • Dragons Blood Cocktail

    Vampire's blood pomegranate punch

    Whether you’re cutting back on the booze and need a healthy cocktail to serve up at your…

  • Herb Garden Spritzer

    Herb garden seltzer

    Herb garden seltzer makes a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail, which means it's perfect for…

  • Kiwi and ginger cocktail

    Kiwi and ginger cocktail

    This cocktail is refreshing and perfect for long, hot summer evenings. With spicy ginger…

  • Virgin Mary

    Virgin Mary

    We all know and love a classic Bloody Mary cocktail - known for its hangover soothing…

  • Fireside flamer cocktail

    Fireside flamer

    One for kids and non-drinkers, this alcohol-free cocktail is full of flavour. The tangy…

  • Cranberry Cutie cocktail

    Cranberry cutie cocktail

    This delicious, non-alcoholic cocktail is packed with superfood cranberries, honey and…

  • Mango passion

    Citrus passion cocktail

    Keep cool this summer with this thirst-quencher of fresh mango, oranges and passion fruit…

  • Orangatang

    Orangatang cocktail

    Is your teen having a party? This non-alcoholic cocktail is really easy to make. It's also…

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    Candy cane cooler cocktail

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