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Pancake recipes


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Pancake recipes

How to make pancakes

With Pancake Day 2015 (Tuesday 17th February) just around the corner we have lots of different pancake recipes to inspire you including sweet pancake recipes and savoury pancake recipes. We also have recipes for American-style pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, healthy pancakes, wholemeal pancakes, vegetarian pancakes and Irish Boxty pancakes - the list goes on!


Back to basics

Learn how make the perfect pancake batter with our basic pancake recipe video.


Top tips for making pancakes

1. Make sure you never over mix your pancake batter or you'll end up with chewy pancakes instead of fluffy ones. A few lumps here and there are ok!


2. Fresh pancake batter is best. If you're super organised you'll want to make the pancake batter ahead of time but hold yourself back - the fresher the better that's our motto.


3. Make sure your pancake is not too thin otherwise it'll get stuck to the pan and will be hard to flip.


4. Grease your pan with a little bit of butter before adding the pancake mix. Use kitchen roll to carefully smear around the hot pan.


5. The first pancake is always the worst - don't worry. Put it to one side and continue with your batch, the second will taste like heaven!


6. If you want to cook berries or chocolate chips in your pancake we'd recommend pouring the batter into the pan first, leaving it to cook gently and then sprinkle on the chocolate chips or berries and then flip to cook the other side for only a few mintues otherwise it'll burn.


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  • Triple tested in the Woman's Weekly magazine kitchen, this pancake recipe is the ultimate one for Pancake Day,…

    Makes: 6-8 x 20-23cm pancakes

    Total time: 10 mins

  • Our four-page ultimate guide to pancakes will give you everything you need for this Shrove Tuesday!

  • These easy buckwheat pancakes are great with sweet or savoury fillings - use for breakfast, lunch or dinner!…

    Serves: 6

    Total time: 20 mins

  • These American pancakes are light and fluffy and should be served stacked high for that all American breakfast…

    Serves: 3/4

    Total time: 30 mins

  • These are a type of Scotch pancake and are so easy to make. They make an ideal breakfast dish and can be made…

    Makes: 12

    Total time: 35 mins

  • A fun twist on a classic family favourite - ideal for a snack or lunch

    Serves: 6

  • These delicious bacon and maple syrup pancakes are really simple to make. This sweet and savoury combo really…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 30 mins

  • Pancakes are a quick, easy and versatile dessert, and cost next to nothing - but so many of us still only serve…

    Serves: 6

    Total time: 20 mins

  • These all-day breakfast pancakes use a basic pancake recipe that is simple and delicious. Served with succulent…

    Serves: 1

    Total time: 13 mins

  • If you love chocolate and you love pancakes, youíll definitely want to try these chocolate pancakes with…

    Serves: 8

    Total time: 35 mins

  • A great savoury dish with a dash of mustard to add spice that takes minutes to make

    Makes: 4-5

  • This is a great way to use up an opened jar of cranberry sauce that you have left over from Christmas. Itís…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 25 mins

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