Party food recipes

  • Nadiya Hussain's pizza rolls

    Nadiya Hussain's pizza rolls are tear 'n' share savoury rolls that are perfect for sharing,…

  • Creamy vanilla fudge

    Our creamy vanilla fudge recipe is easy, quick to make and perfect as a food gift. Just six…

  • Chocolate brownies

    This chocolate brownie recipe is delicious, easy and shows you how to make perfect brownies…

  • Coleslaw

    This classic coleslaw recipe is easy to make and has a creamy delicious taste that goes…

  • Slimming World's burger and chips

    Sometimes there's nothing better than a classic burger and chips and this Slimming World…

  • Carrot cake tray bake

    Our carrot cake tray bake is a real winner! This is a really easy tray-bake way of making…

  • Mini quiches

    Learn how to make bite-sized mini quiches with this easy recipe. These little savoury bites…

  • Rose Turkish Delight

    Delicately flavoured with rosewater, these homemade Turkish Delights look gorgeous and…

  • Potato salad

    Potato salad is a classic recipe often served as part of a summer buffet. Quick and easy to…

  • Chocolate cupcakes

    This classic chocolate cupcake recipe is not difficult to follow and makes perfectly easy…

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    chocolate cake

    Whether it's a kids' birthday or an adult's - everyone lo…

  • Halloween

    Halloween recipes

    Celebrate Halloween on the 31st October by making one of …

  • Party cake

    Summer sunflower cupcakes

    Birthday coming up? Having friends over for a celebration…

  • Drink

    Essentials magazine, elderflower and grape fizz

    Fancy a drink? We've got cocktails and beverages, as well…

  • Dip

    Dippers with butterbean, watercress and lemon

    What better snack than dip and things to dip in it! Try o…

  • Cocktails

    Candy cane cooler cocktail

    We've got lots of cocktail recipes here at goodtoknow - y…

  • Christmas party food

    Mince Pies

    Christmas is the perfect excuse to throw a party but don'…

  • New year

    Thai fish cakes

    Whether you're looking for a New Year's Eve spread or New…

  • Cake pop

    Petal cake pops

    We've rounded up some of our favourite cake pops recipes …

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