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  • Pea soup recipe

    Pea soup

    Healthy and delicious, this pea soup recipe is nice and easy too. Learn how to make homemade soups with our cheap, quick and easy recipe. Everyone has a bag of frozen peas in their freezer, so why not use them to make this simple but tasty warming pea soup. The lovely green colour and minty flavour of this pea soup is so refreshing and it makes a great dinner party starter. If there is any left over itís also good in a flask for lunch the next day. This recipe serves 4-6 people and takes only 20 mins to prepare and cook.

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  • Ham and pea soup

    Pea and ham soup

    Pea and ham soup is a delicious winter warmer that will definitely put a smile on your face on a cold day. We all know how easy it is to make pea soup, a mid-week staple that doesn't blow the shopping budget or the calorie counter. But sometimes our family can feel a little disheartened by a bowl of green soup, so we suggest adding a delicious ham hock (packaged supermarket ham works too) for this pea and ham soup. Especially if you have some cold cuts leftover from a Sunday lunch. This pea and ham soup recipe is easy to make, simple and perfect to store in tupperware for a light work lunch. This pea and ham soup recipe serves 4 people and will take only 20 mins to make. Leftovers of this pea and ham soup can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 2 days or you can freeze a portion or two in the freezer for up to 1 month. Make sure you defrost and reheat thoroughly before re-serving.

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  • Easy mushroom risotto

    Using our easy mushroom risotto recipe this dish will quickly become a mid-week family staple in no time. Risotto is much easier to make than you might think and doesn't have to use a lot of ingredients. All you need is the correct rice and a bit of patience! Risotto recipes are perfect for a filling winter warmer or as a side portion with a summer salad and plenty of fresh vegetables. The mushrooms and the peas in this recipe work wonders together. If you don't have any peas in the freezer you could use asparagus instead - it's a good choice especially when its in season. This classic risotto recipe works out at only 307 calories per serving and 2g of fat. This risotto recipe serves 4 people and will take around 45 mins to prepare and cook - it's well worth the wait!

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  • Chicken and bacon risotto

    Chicken and bacon risotto is a quick and easy meal for the whole family. Our recipe takes just 40 minutes and is great for the midweek rush! This recipe serves 4 people and is the perfect option for everyone to enjoy together. A portion of this dish works out at 575 calories. It's much healthier than readymade risotto and you have control over exactly what goes into it too like salt content and fat. We've used pudding rice and chicken thighs in our risotto to make our savoury meal for 4 even cheaper at just 97p per person! This dish is a great way of sneaking veg into your kids diets. Add handfuls of chopped spinach, grated mushrooms and any other veg you fancy to get your little ones eating some of their 5-a-day. This dish is best made and eaten on the same day but leftovers can be stored in the airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. Make sure you reheat thoroughly before serving, the rice needs to be piping hot.

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  • Creamy chicken plate pie

    Chicken plate pie

    Our chicken plate pie couldn't be easier to rustle up, thanks to a few handy cheats. The sauce is deliciously rich and creamy thanks to a good helping of creme fraiche, and the tarragon stirred through adds a real hit of herby fragrance. Because this pie is relatively shallow you can afford to serve it up in generous slices, which the family are sure to love. Our favourite side is of course the match-made-in-heaven that is creamy mashed potatoes! Try adding finely chopped spring onions and lots of black pepper to yours, to offset the richness of this dish and you'll be in for a treat. If there are only a couple of you eating then you'll be pleased to know this chicken plate pie reheats beautifully the next day too - just remember to make sure the meat is hot through before tucking in.

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  • Pea pesto pasta

    One-pan pea pesto pasta

    Sometimes you just canít go wrong with a simple pesto pasta for dinner when youíre in a hurry or just want something simple for dinner, and this one-pan version is just the ticket for an easy mid week dinner. With plenty of garlic, basil and pine nuts added to the petit pois, this pasta dish has lots of different elements but is ready really quickly for a healthy meal option that will fill the whole family up. Using French Boursin with black pepper adds a lovely creamy element to the sauce too thatís unbelievably moreish. Since itís ready in under 20 minutes, this recipe is a great one to add to your go to recipes that youíll want to try again and again. Itís also completely vegetarian so itís a great one to try for meat free Mondays or if youíre just looking to cut back on your meat intake.

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  • pasta

    Salmon and pea pasta

    This delicious salmon and pea pasta recipe combines flaked salmon, asparagus tips and peas to give you a quick dinner the whole family will love - serve with a side of rocket and some garlic bread to finish it off. This recipe serves 4 people and takes only 25 mins to prepare, cook and have on your dinner table - so they'll be no complaints come dinner time! This easy recipe brings two delicious ingredients together; tender flakes of salmon and tangy, garden peas. You can add more veggies to this dish if you'd like - the choice is yours! A portion of this easy to make dish works out at only 498 calories per serving with only 1.7g of salt.

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  • chicken tikka

    Chicken tikka with potatoes and peas

    Spice up your evening meal with this quick and easy recipe of chicken strips, new potatoes and sugar-snap peas baked in natural yogurt and mild tikka paste. Itís a filling chicken curry recipe that will leave the whole family feeling satisfied, try this chicken curry recipe this week and it will fast become a new family favourite. Plus, with peas and onions it also contains a few of your five-a-day too, while using natural yogurt in this recipe helps to give it a lovely creaminess thatís also low in fat. This dish also combines chicken thighs and chicken breasts. Since this recipe only takes 30 minutes to prep and cook, it makes it a really great and speedy week night recipe to try this week.

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  • Soya bean and pea soup

    Soya bean and pea soup

    Soya bean and pea soup is the perfect alternative to a traditional pea soup and doesn't use any dairy produce so can work for any vegan diners too. This hearty, healthy meal is made in minutes with only frozen peas, rocket, basil, stock and soya beans - cupboard staples that you can store for months. This soya bean pea soup is low-calorie but tastes deliciously full fat!

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  • One pot lamb casserole with pea

    Lamb casserole

    Want a hearty meal that's easy to make? This tasty lamb casserole recipe uses just one pot - so it saves on washing-up and takes just 10 mins to prepare. Add honey and tomatoes for a sweet, rich lamb casserole. This delicious casserole serves 4 people and takes around 1hr and 40 mins to cook. Slow-cooking this lamb casserole makes the meat extra tender so it falls of the bone. The stock and gravy are made up of the rich flavour from the gravy. Add in heaps of veggies including peas, onion and carrot and you've got one mouth-watering family meal.

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  • Pea and prawn crostini

    Pea and prawn crostini

    Pea and prawn crostini would make the perfect party canape or starter to share. They can be rustled up in just 15 mins so are a quick and easy option. The pea and prawns on toasted baguette slices come to life with fresh mint, lemon juice and garlic.

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  • Crushed pea and bean toasts

    Crushed pea and bean toasts

    Crushed pea and bean toasts make the perfect party food or starter for a fancy meal. They're really quick to make and taste delicious too infused with mint leaves, chilli flakes and grated pecorino or Parmesan. It's a light and healthy option.

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