Picnic recipes

  • millionaires flapjacks

    Millionaire's flapjacks

    Millionaire’s flapjacks take the decadent chocolate and caramel flavours of the popular…

  • fruit kebabs

    Fruit kebabs

    Fruit kebabs are a fresh and flavourful summer dessert on a stick. The colourful fruits are…

  • cottage loaf recipe

    Cottage loaf recipe

    This tasty, round, cottage loaf is a fun bake to perfect at home thanks to its interesting…

  • Coleslaw recipe


    Coleslaw is so easy to make with this classic recipe that's crisp and crunchy, made simply…

  • elderflower mocktail

    Elderflower mocktail

    An elderflower mocktail is a sweet and refreshing summer drink. This sparkling drink is a…

  • vegetable crisps

    Vegetable crisps

    Vegetable crisps are a new twist on the classic potato crisp. You can now buy a whole…

  • Pickled beetroot

    Pickled beetroot

    Although Beetroots have the highest sugar content of any vegetable, they are also…

  • Candice Brown madeleines

    Candice Brown's orange and hibiscus madeleines

    Candice Brown's orange and hibiscus madeleines make seriously pretty bakes that are perfect…

  • Maltesers rocky road bars

    Maltesers rocky road bars

    These Maltesers rocky road bars are really simple to make and perfect if you're a fan of…

  • Easy couscous salad

    Easy couscous salad

    This easy couscous salad recipe is really quick and simple to make - there's no cooking…

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    Chicken korma kebabs

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  • Potato salad

    Creamy new potato salad

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  • Sandwich


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  • Ice lolly

    Strawberry sorbet lollies

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