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The warm chocolate fudge cake is my favourite!


The Chocolate Fudge Cake is my favourite! Would be lovely served warm with clotted cream!


The Malteasers cake is sensational, nobody could turn down a slab of this! x

Di Dilly

Warm chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream

Lauren Reed

Chocolate Giant Cupcake looks yummy!

Maddalena Spadone Dalton

chocolate cake yum

Kelli Flanagan

I love Carrot cake so would love to try the carrot cake with pineapple

Joe Hirst

I do quite like a chocolate fudge cake. I prefer my cake less fussy.

Lila B Taylor

Oooh the giant chocolate cup-cake looks fantastic! yummy!

jo johnson

I have tried this cake & it is really delicious! It has the bonus of actually being just a little bit good for you too

Carlene j

i want to make and eat them all but as i can only choose one i like the Double chocolate fudge cake with vanilla and white chocolate buttercream cake best. It just looks beautiful x


I'm drooling over the one with the maltesers on the top, yum!

Patricia Morgan

This is definitely my favourite cake! I am drooling just looking at it! Oh my god! Xxx

Katherine L

My favourite is the Beetroot and Chocolate cake! I love that it's a bit different but still looks equally delectable. It's always great to try new ingredients and it's a great way to add a bit of nutrients to the cake .. you know, so I can justify eating more and more of it ;)

Melissa Hawkins

Hi, congrats you are one of this week's Treat Tuesday winners! Please email with your name and address so we can get your prize to you. Thanks, Lissa x

nichola betteridge

I would add mint aero bubbles!!! little pockets of gooey chocolate minty amazingness!!! :D

Evelyn Moffat

A touch of lemonade in the Chocolate Fudge cake gives it a nicer taste

Marianne Hill

I would make the marble cake, but to top it of I would ice it with swirly, marbled icing using a combination of chocolate and vanilla icing as I always think without a bit of icing a cake isn't quite finished or complete!

cheryl hadfield

This sounds so yummy, i will definitly try this recipe the next time i bake


I would add some white chocolate curls to top of this cake

jessica cook

id mix in a milk chocolate drizzle ontop with the white choc drizzle. mmmm

Rachel Arnup

I would use Aero Bubbles instead of Maltesers!


I'd love to make this cake! My sister's 21st birthday is just around the corner and she'd love to get her hands on this!

Lucy Zelazowski

I love Mary Berrys lemon drizzle cake, simple to make and tasty divine :D x


I'd love the Malteasers cake because even a little is a lot! @snazzle_tooth

Raj Sandhu

The Malteser Cake looks AMAZING!


Chocolate Malteser Cake


Out of all your chocolate cakes I really like the idea of the chocolate and beetroot one :)


Out of all your chocolate cakes I really like the idea of the chocolate and beetroot one :) @deejayplaay


Out of all your chocolate cakes I really like the idea of teh chocolate and beetroot one :)

Danielle Vedmore

My fave is the chocolate malteser cake - naughty but nice ;) xoxo


I actually love a good fruit cake with the marzipan and icing :-)


Chocolate malteser cake is ace.

Leanne B

Chocolate Fudge Cake but the Rose-hinted chocolate cake looks delicious :)

Sharon Arnott

The Chocolate and Vanilla marble cake, it would go down well with a cup of tea.

Elaine Savage

Malteaser Chocolate Cake


Who could possibly resist the Malteser cake!!!

Steve Hearne

Chocolate Giant Cupcake looks awesome.


My fave is the chocolate malteser cake, yum! Rachael @rachw12


The chocolate tiramisu cake is my fave - so rich & the perfect accompaniment to coffee!


oh why all stunning but chcolate tiramisu wins hands down x


Tough choice - but chocolate truffle cake wins! Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

Maya Russell

My favourite is chocolate tiramisu cake! RT as @maisietoo

Elaine Savage

Chocolate Truffle Cake


Warm chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream


Gotta be chocolate fudge cake, I actually have dreams about eating a huge cake to myself and never getting full haha


After an office vote the malteaser cake is a clear winner!! From all of us at Lights4fun

Jane Willis

Chocolate truffle cake is my favourite - wickedly indulgent

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