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Why do people become so nasty when all one indivdual was asking for was some advice? Is it really so hard to be kind without being pompous?


I will keep them in my profile so when I want to try one I find them there


Could everyone stop complaining about the lack of a index. And maybe try to learn how to use your pc/mobile device Here are your options Rightclick>open a new tab Rightclick>save link as>save in a folder (voila instant internet recipe book) Bookmark the recipe For phone users holding down on the screen=a rightclick


Tech major hardly it's a simple feature And @Cathryn is right anyone who has common sense should be able to use their browser If you want to try to be a "tech major" try coding a index page a indexing everything yourselves and get off you high horse for lack of a better phrase. And "class" yeah right, another word for my parents done everything for me. Don't come back if you are so easily offended welcome to the internet.


try using bookmarks....


This definitely needs some sort of catalogue access. I love the recipes I saw, but I don't have time to scroll through 150 of them.

Baby Blue

Not to mention that still doesn't resolve the main issue Busylizzy was complaining about since I doubt having 150 open tabs is the solution she was hoping for (I know it isn't for me).


how much is a portion one wrap ?


Could you be any more RUDE? Not everyone is a tech major such as yourself. Get over yourself heaven forbid that you give a helpful hint but clearly you have no manners or class


That's why you right click, then click "Open link in new tab". Don't blame the site makers because you don't know how to use your computer and the internet.


Really annoying that you have to page through all the recipes to know what is there - how about an index with links to the recipes? Also if you click on one to get the details, when you go back you have to start all over again. Very annoying! Could be so good....


Why are half these recipes missing when i go into them ,it says I have lost my way ,very annoying!!!


Holaa, thanks for the info!

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