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Throatwobbler Mangrove

Rearrange the letters 'BAD LOCK' to find something that can help you.

Andy Froud

congratulations your annoying pop-up ads have forced me elsewhere...

Sara Voakes

Wow 8 quid, is that because it’s pork and your in an muslim country?

Roberto Chimenti

You would be executed just for using the Internet


I live in north Korea where we eat the bark of trees and if we eat western food we will be executed on sight, looking at this makes me feel better about my suffering.


I'm in Dubai, 8 sausages here cost around £8 :( when I go back to the uk to visit family I love tagging along for everyone's grocery shop and marvelling at the prices!

Amanda Bernard

I cry a little inside looking at these recipes, because it's so much more expensive where I live (Ontario Canada). For comparison, just the pasta sauce alone would cost £1.15 if not on sale, .57p if it is on sale. And a really good deal on sausages here is £1.15 for 8, you stock the freezer when it's that price, usually it's much more. I really hope that Aldi comes here soon....we could use it!

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