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Rachel Ann Chandler

9p in aldi. About 37p for a bag of them. These meals are really good healthy and cheap. Trust me Ive used these meals for years to feed a family of 6.

Steven Bingham

Don't go my corner shop he'd sell it for £20 if he could theiving f!@ker.


Buy a big bag of Asda Smartprice onions. They keep well for 2-3 weeks and you get lots! I buy them because they are not huge onions, and living alone, a small one is sufficient.


Cor! You shop at a dear place. I pay 6p for a medium one :-)

Naomi Taylor

Actually, you can get an onion for as little as 9p

Naomi Taylor

Actually if people ate proper portion sizes, these dishes would be perfectly fine. Just because there are no nuggets or fries, it does not make these meals any less adequate.


Try shopping now and again. You might be surprised!


£1 per head for a newborn baby, sure.. Come on these aren't meals

check it out - see "my supermarket"


Since when was an onion 17p? 1969?

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