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Victoria Ann Entwistle

Thank you very much for choosing me as a winner!

Melissa Hawkins

Congrats Victoria - you are one of this week's Treat Tuesday winners! Please email so we can organise your prize. Thanks x

Amanda Gray

I would choose Chilli, love the warming spices, filling satisfying dinner on cold nights

Victoria Ann Entwistle

I'd choose Chilli con carne for a family meal as it's warming and nutritious and I can hide lots of veggies in it that my son won't normally eat on their own!

Val Pownall

Lovely Chilli con Corne - healthy and delicious and I'd choose it because it's so easy to make!


I would love this Chilli con Carne - Warming, delicious and nutritious - Just the kind of winter warmer I like on my plate!

Alison Barlow

I'd choose Chilli con carne, guaranteed to warm up more than just your taste buds!


Very easy and quick to make,full of vegetables.

Stephanie Lear

This is my favourite comfort food swap. Autumnal food at its best. I will make a huge pot for my family on Halloween to keep them warm after their trick or treating! X

Kate Daniels

I always add loads of veggies to meals like this - not only is it healthier but it makes a little meat go a long way, saving money too. Winning all round.

Kate Huxstep

When the weather turns colder, I always go for a spicy chilli con carne with rice. It's so quick and easy to make and great value. Everyone in the family loves it and I always do a little extra to put on a jacket potato for lunch the next day.

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