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I wanted to make the fourth tray bake in the opening pictures but gave up after having opened 8 of them. It's a year since someone else made this comment. Don't you read your comments pages?


I agree with the others a list view would be much berrt. I give up half way through as the pages are so slow to load or dont load at all. I have high speed broadband so god knows what its like for those that haven't

Helen Coombs

I can't view recipes - get an error message saying page does not exist - tried about 4 different recipes

Becky Bradgate Pettitt

So Do I!!


Yep I agree...why do sites do this? Even with a quick internet connection its a pain. As a result I'm going to look at another site for a recipe :-(


Please , please. please do your recipes in list view also as I give up after searching through so many photos


I wish you could view a list of these recipes instead of having to scroll through dozens of pictures to find one you would like to try .........


wowzer, although I haven't atuarly done it. LOL

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