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I'm more annoyed about the stupid pop up ads every couple of pages. Aaargh!!




I totally agree with all comments about scrolling through endless slow lists etc and I too find it so frustrating. However, since the original remark was made over a year ago, and others have been adding their comments, the format has remained the same, so clearly the "Good to Know" staff don't bother to read our comments or act on them!....


Am in total agreement with a list of recipes which would make the search a pleasure & save SO much wasted time & frustration. Your fund of recipes,which increases daily ensures endless variety and surely deserves to be made more easily accessible.Please try.


Was just thinking the same, so annoying having to click on loads of pictures, can we have a scrolling format pleeeeese?


I wanted to make the fourth tray bake in the opening pictures but gave up after having opened 8 of them. It's a year since someone else made this comment. Don't you read your comments pages?


I agree with the others a list view would be much better. I give up half way through as the pages are so slow to load or dont load at all. I have high speed broadband so god knows what its like for those that haven't

Helen Coombs

I can't view recipes - get an error message saying page does not exist - tried about 4 different recipes

Becky Bradgate Pettitt

So Do I!!


Yep I agree...why do sites do this? Even with a quick internet connection its a pain. As a result I'm going to look at another site for a recipe :-(


Please , please. please do your recipes in list view also as I give up after searching through so many photos


I wish you could view a list of these recipes instead of having to scroll through dozens of pictures to find one you would like to try .........


wowzer, although I haven't atuarly done it. LOL

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