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Where are the Morrisons fresh strawberries from? If they are British I'll buy some, but from abroad - No! There are no strawberries like British ones!


I love Perle de lait coconut yoghurts. Delicious!


Aldi are doing sneaky price rises, crisp breads and beetroot have shot up. Ok, prices low on other products but how do they justify these rises. That being said I still do most of my shopping at Aldi.


I bought Sirloin Steaks from Morrisons on Friday, and they were the most delicious, tender and perfect steaks I have had in a long time. Just wish I had bought more while I was there!

Tara - Money Editor

Hey, thanks for the feed back! Will will try and include more fruit and veg :) Thanks!


oops! missed the peppers - sorry Morrisons!


I'm being a party pooper, but apart from hot cross buns and easter eggs (it is Easter after all), there's far too much processed food full of fat & sugar in your supermarket best buys - and no unadulterated fruit & veg. Please do a healthy best buys for those of us who are way overweight.


2 pack's of hot cross buns for £1 at asda


Lyle’s golden syrup 60p @ B&M

Lynda Ennis

excellent advice

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