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Hi, I bake decorate wedding ... cake and i am international cake award winner all for funny . I would like to know how to start a small business. My Facebook page is Luisa Star Cakes, can you please help me.

annapurna addanki

Dear Jessy , i saw your post in good to know website. Have you started your business? If so how did you go about ? can you please guide me. I am interested but have no idea how to start.

annapurna addanki

i love baking and cup cakes is my speciality. I want to start a small business . But, i have no idea how to start. Can any body please help?

Sidra Nawaz

I enjoy baking and experimenting. I want to start selling but confused where to start?

jen favour

hello karen, saw your post on your planning to start a baking shop a year ago. I have retired and looking to relocating from nairobi to start a shop upcountry. Can you extend some tips to me..Thank you.jen

lex watt

my only worry is , im renting from the council and im sure they dont allow running a business from home, how can i get over this without forking out too much on renting somewhere for my business

Rebecca Clayton

This was really helpful but no info on bookkeeping and receipts etc, this is my only worry!

Karen Mundia

Am almost starting mine,thank you for the information , God bless you


This was really useful, I have jotted down on my to do list...hopefully I will be back with my new business set up !!


I have a dream of starting my own cake buiness soon but i done snot know how

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