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Balloons are made from rubber trees, they are a natural plant based substance. Plus, the latex will biodegrade back to nature, I've never heard of anyone getting hurt by balloons, except by choking on one. Balloon releases are fine, as long as you are just release the balloon. What makes them bad, is when you attach plastic or mylar ribbons with them. They end up in the stomachs of our birds that feed around our water.


Use a flavourless oil like ground nut very sparingly over the ballon before you pour. Then it work better.

Melia Milhorat

Its a great idea, but what about the chemicals from the balloon? That could be bad for you!


That's such good idea of after Sunday lunch thnks ill b doin that tomoro with fresh berry nd cream on the side 😊

Stephanie Wells

Mine didnt turn out like urs did but looked kinda cool. When I snipped the balloon to slowly let the air out all the points broke down to the base! Help.....what did I do wrong?


Just love it!!!


Absolutely fabulous

and how do you make a awesome choclate cake?????

this loos so awesome can you make a solid chclate easter egg ???? (im a big choccywoccydoodah fan)

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