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its not always best to buy the biggest bag of what you want, for instance pasta. A big bag is £4.99 , where as smaller value bags are 23p . you would get 19 small bags for the same price, much more . Same with long grain and basmanti rice. It really is worth checking.


Apologies later you do explain about testing freshness of eggs but at the sam


Your rule about eggs not being used after the best before is a load of rubbish. Test eggs in a bowl or jug of cold water, if they sink and lay sideways they are fresh, if they sink and are vertical not so fresh but still ok to use. If they float then don't use them as they have gone off. I have done this for years and quite often got 2 or 3 weeks extra out of them, ive not got ill from "out of date" eggs yet and besides they don't come out a hens bum with a bbe stamped on them.

Charlotte Gunn

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