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Ann Grisdae

can freeze double or whipped cream if you half whisk it first. When you defrost it you can whip it fully.

Val Brian

If I make a potato dish I freeze them regularly - potato curry for example ....

Val Brian

I have frozen cream - in fact have in the freezer at the moment - never head a problem


cream can be frozen but you need yo whip it slightly first.


Yes,milk and cheese freeze well but block cheese becomes more crumbly. You can also freeze yogurt drinks but not cream as it splits.


Hi can you freez milk and cheese


Why on earth would you want to freeze potatoes.


when making cakes to freeze or icecream vanilla essence impairs the flavour when frozen the best way around this is to fill a jar with castor sugar and put a vanilla pod in the middle this makes vanilla sugar and you just top it up when you use some.


yes I do this and found out accidently unfortunately I had left the icing on. but thank you for all the tips.

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