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ty I wish some of these people would go back to school and learn the diff between words. It's getting disgusting to try and read some of these "professional" writers for Y. They must hire grammar school dropouts.


If u are GnSP, your work is cut out for you on the net! LOL


Slide shows are a waste of time for me. Well written instructions do just fine.


Because this way they can show more ads, and artificially inflate their number of pages visits, time on site, and overall impressions.


I'm so glad for y'all below that someone important died and made your opinions worthwhile. God Bless You! Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it !!! If you don't like this site, THEN don't read it. Too simple...


You ain't missing nothing. There are no recipes, just suggestions of things to add to meat to make whatever. Plus 2-4 minutes to go from page to page. What a waste Please do not mislead by giving a title of RECIPES when there ain't no recipes


Why do websites like this think a slideshow is a good way to present a list of recipes? Just list them vertically, and maybe have 10 per page - far less clicking, and easier to find a recipe again!


I don't want your slideshow! Give me a list option.



Don david

Easier THAN they may look, not easier THEN they may look.

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