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Irfan Noor

I also want to loose my weight can some share the the list of low calorie breakfast and lunch item.right now i am 85KG and my height is 5 feet 7''

Jax J

Why show a picture with something (sunflower and pumpkin seeds) not counted in calories or in the recipe?


Eva is right. You can't compare what you're doing to starving children in Africa because you are at least consuming enough calories to survive. You're not eating enough, you're just eating away at your muscle mass and gaining fat.


Soy is a highly processed food and not real food. Only eat fermented soy products. Otherwise they have phytooestrogens


what eva said is true. Eating too little calories will cause you to gain weight for a short period of time and then to lose weight at an unhealthy (fast) rate.


Eva I see what you mean but can you understand why what you say is wrong? I don't mean to be offensive but if what you say is true then there would be no world hunger problems. Loula have you kept an exact food diary? And soy milk does have a lot of sugar if I remember correctly? (Not sure though :s) And take what Eva said about taking height and weight into account, it's important :)


If you eat too little calories you'll gain weight as the body will get into starvation mode and create fat. Have you checked how many calories you should eat normally based on your height and weight?


I am keen to understand the reason I am not loosing weight on 5:2 diet. I am vegan and have soy milk is that a possible reason? I take 1 kilo and then put it on again on my 5 day normal diet. I am usually eating about 900 to 1,000 calories on my 5 days. Is that perhaps not enough. Feeling frustrated :(

Jenny Robertson

I want to lose weight but have some food allegies like nuts peanuts and citrus foods and artificial sweetners what can I do


LOVE bake beans this diet will do me ill give it a try plus i also love vegies , is it just the 2 days like this or longer??


This list has been really helpful, plus the ingredients are actually healthy. There are many articles that claim to be healthy, but they have a lot of ingredients that are definitely not good for your health.

Berenice Maureen Norris

This is EXACTLY what we need to work out what to eat on fast days. Thank you so much for taking the stress out of figuring out what we can eat, while on the 5:2 diet. Thank you so much. Very helpful ideas. Grateful.

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