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Robin Hume

One egg in an omelette? The pan would have to be absolutely tiny. Come on, it's a really helpful website, but lets have a dose of realism.

Flavia Young

Never heard of anyone successfully cooking a one egg omelette before....

Judy Sinard

darn I dont eat eggs not even substitute but the omelet looks good

Judy Sinard

my husband upgraded to Windows 10 and has the worse luck with it. Thank goodness I have a Mac. Just saying

Franky Hindmarsh

Well don't upgrade to Windows 10 because it is worse! Good luck with your diet?


Make a folder in your bookmarks, then click on the icon at the beginning of the web address in your browser, before the www. bit. Then drag and drop into the folder.


Windows 8 is sucking just now. Keen to build a collection of 5:2 recipes to make life easier - no save button appears or drag arrow on 'good to know' recipes :(. Fellow chubsters, step away from Windows 8!

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