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Sidra Nawaz

I enjoy baking and experimenting. I want to start selling but confused where to start?


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Some tasty florentines! I'd sell them for 50p each, as long as I hadn't eaten them all first, that is :)

sarah rayment

I would make these whoopee pies for the cake sale. I would sell them for 50p each, as they would be popular with the kids and the money goes to the school! I would make them and put a big sign above them saying 'Whoopie pies' as kids LOVE the funny name! Would make them in different colours with decoration and they would be a big hit!

Sarah Louise Bridge

Hi there, Id make my grandmas infamous lemon cheese tarts! A simple pastry cup - with a huge spoonful of delightful, zingy, homemade lemon cheese, with the cost of the ingredients being so cheap, they would be donated to the stall leaving the profits all going to charity. A simple 30p each would be suffice as people would buy more than 1 (more like a dozen) and with the easiest of recipes bulk making wouldn't be a problem! Simply delicious!


you don't cover your costs in a fund raising bake sale anyway - no one ever pays you for ingredients or use of energy so whatever you make for your organisation is loss for you and gain for them. How much people are prepared to pay has nothing to do with how much it cost you to make the items. I have found that there is unwillingness at school events to pay more than 20 - 30p for any item no matter how elaborate but that people who have tasted and enjoyed will come back many more times if undersupervised children where as if the prices are higher they may only make one purchase. In other areas/contexts or in a WI bake sale the prices are much higher. Best to start with low prices if you have a lot of stock and clear through it as fast as you can - whatever you take home is wastage so go for volume of sales over high prices.

Lesley Keddy

When pricing you have not taken into account the cost of energy used in cooking. To make a good profit the prices need to be more than doubled. I think any cake or slice of cake can be sold for a minimum of 50p - sometimes more. Better to start higher (they will still be cheaper than in a coffee shop) and reduce if you haven't sold them all.

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