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Maria Wolzak

big piece of ox liver, place in pan with saucer on bottem , to stop liver from sticking to bottem, cover liver with water and boil till , when needle is inserted "BROWN " water comes out, turn of , and place in cold water, when cold , slice and eat with bread+ bit of salt and pepper, don't boil to long , because it get dry


Lamb's Liver,bacon and onions in rich gravy over creamy mashed potatoes is the tastiest dish in the world and cheaper than chips; no argument!!

Roseleanor Ward

Liver & bacon casserole... yum!

Carole S.

I love green olives, but can't stand the black variety! Also, re liver, try lambs liver - it's quite a mild taste compared to ox or pig - and serve with fried onions - delicious!


I quite enjoy liver occasionally, and my doctor told me to eat it once a week because she discovered I was slightly anaemic. The smell of liver and onions is very appetizing!

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