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Just ran across this. Everyone's different. Raw oysters? No, thank you. But I do like them poached in milk with a bit of butter. Liquorice, olives, and liver I agree with, the rest I'm ambivalent towards. I would *definitely* add cilantro (coriander to y'all) to this list for myself as I fall into the camp that finds it has a soapy taste.

Emil Phoryew

Licorice is horrid in terms of taste and bad for your health. I don't care if I never eat it again until I die.

Sheena Leversedge Wood

I like, or even love, most of these foods. blue cheese and olives, well I can take or leave them. I don't DISLIKE them, but they don't do much for me. everything else on the list I enjoy a great deal.

Roseleanor Ward

I grew up in Scarborough, home of Guinness world champion oyster eater, Peter Jaconelli. He downed 512 oysters in 48 minutes, and I saw part of this marathon on the local TV news. Totally turned my stomach, and I've never once been tempted to try them.


I hate seafood,offal (including liver) and most of all I hate GOOSEBERRIES!!!!!!

Ricky Callan

Like everything,love some. Apart from the oysters and the tofu.

Sharon (BehindGreenEyes)

I hate them all except licorice. The mere thought of the texture of black pudding makes my stomach turn, such a horrible taste. I've never had an olive or an anchovy!


Since Anchovies were so highly hated, please would Chefs STOP PUTTING THE BL**DY THINGS IN JUST ABOUT EVERY DISH THEY MAKE?????

Claire Blackburn

I like all of the above foods - I'm not fussy


I hate oysters, olives and tofu, but I love black pudding!


I love all these foods. Probably my least favourite on the list is tofu but I still enjoy it. Black pudding, blue cheese, anchovies, oysters......all delicious! Am wondering what the democracy of those surveyed was?

Minnie Whittaker

Im with you , like most of them , even loved Oysters on the rare occasions I've had chance to have them.. I am guessing that number 1 was achieved by "the thought of eating oyster" , given they are not exactly in any basics range


Is there something wrong with me? I like nearly all of them - and would find it hard to live without tofu, anchovies and olives!

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