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John Smith

Obviously a poll of plebes!


@roseleanorward:disqus I worked in a liquorice factory years ago, and all liquorice was known as "Spanish" no matter what form it was in, whether it was sticks of "Spanish" or "bootlaces" or whatever! We used to get liquorice in it's "raw" form which looked like lumps of coal and was as hard as rocks. Tasted really bitter too! As children we ate liquorice plant roots which were very sweet if you got the tender new shoots, but very "woody" if you got the older, thicker sticks. I still love "Spanish" in the form of Pontefract Cakes!

Roseleanor Ward

I love liquorice, especially the Australian variety. Dutch liquorice is pretty good too, it comes in sweet or salty, the salty being a rather acquired taste.

Roseleanor Ward

As a Yorkshirewoman, I would never refer to liquorice allsorts as "Spanish", only the long strips, or laces, of it.


me too,there my favourite,i'm always fighting to get the round ones.


I love liquorice allsorts! Especially the round coconut ones with spanish in the middle! (Up here in Yorkshire liquorice is known as 'spanish.'

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