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It is a shame that the redcurrant and champagne cupcakes recipe cannot be found I'd like to make this cupcake. Please fix the link.

Marion King

pimms cup cakes for our anniversary xx


I would definately make these as Arthurs Day is nearly upon us where in Ireland we celebrate and recognise Arthur Guinness who created the famous beer over 250 years ago .... "To Arthur" ..... cheers!!

Peter Gilby

Defo the Mojito cupcakes for me! i wanna make some now

nicola harrison

i`d love to make these what a great idea , fantastic for when the girls come round for a drink x

Katy C Johnston

I would love make these Mojito cupcakes for our anniversary, they'd be perfect with some yummy cocktails :)

Eleanor Beavan

I would love to make these for my dads 76th which is in November, he has had a rough time lately with my stepmum being in hospital so we are going to give him a lovely party and rum is one of his favorites, he would adore these !

Luan Spark

I would make 65 bite-size of these for my dads 65th birthday in November. He loves his rum & I'm sure he would love these too, I know I would.. 8-)

emma j lowe

oh these sound lovely

Michelle Ba Bamber

These looks fantastic perfect for barbecues or just Saturday night get togethers

Anschel G

Will give the Mojito cupcakes a try for a cocktail evening. Made Cosmo cupcakes before and have made versions of most of the other ones in the above list.

Linda Donnelly

I'd make these for a girly night

sarah rayment

Id make this cupcake as we have a lime tree growing in our conservatory with limes ready to eat! I love all things lime....key lime pie is my fav too! and I love mint! So a great combination! and my fav colour is green! Totally the best!

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