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Vera Pope

Wow, this would be a nice treat for grown ups attending with their little ones my daughter's summer birthday party :-)

Maria S Gourlay

would have to be the pimms cupcakes - with a pitcher of refreshing strawberry pimms for a get together with everyone in summer in my summer house

Heather Playdon

I love these. My daughter's 5th birthday is this Saturday. The adults could sneak these in whilst the kids have their Despicable me cake. And of course we would have a nice punch bowl of Pimms to complement the cakes!


Wow! It would have to be these that I'd make for my husbands up and coming 50th birthday party. Fresh and yummy just like him! LOL X

Pete McLaughlin

Would have to serve these at a summer garden party - keeping them away from any children!

Stacy McBryde

These look simply spiffing ! I'd whip up a batch of these little beauties for my Mams birthday, we might not have the sun shine any more but we can relive the summer with Pimms cupcakes and a jug of Pimms to wash them down

Chelsey Wood

These are a great idea to relive the lovely summer which has disappeared!

Helen Moore Dooley

Oh these pls. looks so refreshing and would be wonderful and light with afternoon tea.


has to bee these has pimms is my favorite drink so why not make a cup cake to match yummy x


Pimms is my favourite drink so to find a cupcakes made with pimms is just great,cant wait to make them.mmmmm

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